Monday, July 4, 2016

bomber jacket & online shopping hack

( Bf's army bomber jacket from ASOS, Adidas Originals hoodie, Adidas NMD Runner, Uniqlo pants)

It’s winter now in Melbourne and it gets unduly cold even when the sun is shining bright in the sky. Even so, I’d prefer to enjoy soaking in the sun than gloomy weather any day. This series of photos were shot on a day when the wind gusted up to 45 km per hour. Here, I’m wearing my boyfriend’s army green bomber jacket that he bought from ASOS.

This website has opened a whole new world to me, frankly speaking. I’ve been on coat shopping sprees online on ASOS ever since he recommended this website to me. Although, having so many coats, I still love to steal outerwear from him once in awhile to add a splash of edginess.

Speaking of online shopping, I recently discovered a way to get good deals while shopping online. It's made my purchases way more worth it than buying at a physical store, and that is via Shopback! I’ve been using it to get cashback and free shipping! I’d say this is like the life hack of online shopping.

It's really easy to use too! Instead of going through the main website (for example:, go through and click on the logo to be sent to the main website. This way, you can get cashback on your purchase. Using this method gave me a 5% cashback on my purchase from ASOS.

But other than this brand, there's an enormous range of other brands to choose from. You can find the latest Zalora vouchers and coupons there, and not to mention get cashback even when using Lazada vouchers! I was surprised to even find even there. Literally -- you name it, they have it!

Recently, since my parents are here in Melbourne to visit me, I've used agoda via ShopBack Malaysia to book hotel rooms for them. My parents were really surprised that I'm able to receive some cash back even when booking hotels! I think I will be using this website a lot more often now!

As I always find videos to be the easier way to learn new things, here's a video of how Shopback works:

To kick start your ShopBack online shopping experience, receive RM5 off on your first purchase by click on this link
Happy Shopping, peeps!

Thong Jean Lim


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