Thursday, June 19, 2014

White Grey Black

photos by Yuen Loong

( H&M basic white top and skirt, Topshop backpack, Skagen watch, heels and phone case c/o Agape Boutique)

Hello readers! It's been awhile since I last blogged. I'm truly sorry for that. How's everything going? It's been crazy for me these past few months. Finished my college's semester 1 test last week and am now having a two-week-holiday (well, left with 10 days only, to be precise ). 

It's always a challenge for me when naming a blog post, same goes with this post. I've been really obsessed with this skirt lately. It's really edgy and versatile. I've been receiving compliments from friends and strangers, who keep asking where did I get this skirt. This situation is just making me more and more into this skirt. 

Besides that, as a student, I'm really lazy to dress up to college yet I still want to look stylish. I seek for the opportunity to sleep more rather than waking up early just to choose my outfit for college. Thus, I've started to invest in backpacks, for instance, this Topshop one. The shape of this backpack is quirky and it is not the kind of traditional shape whenever we think of backpacks. I brought this backpack to Australia last holiday and surprisingly, I could put quite a number of things inside. 

Before I end this post, just to let you guys know that I've participated in Asia Muse Search 2014. And guess what, I got into the finals! You might already know this from my other social media platforms. This competition is organised by Cite Sdn Bhd to search for a model that suits both VIVI Malaysia and Mina Malaysia magazine. I'm always a loyal reader of both of these magazines. Sincerely hope that I can win this competition. Show me your support by clicking "like" on this and this image. They are the same image but different magazines, if you're wondering. Thank you so much in advance! The finals is on 5th of July at Sungei Wang, will update you guys when I know the time of the event. 

Thong Jean

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hello dear readers! It's been a while since I last updated my blog. So sorry! It's been hectic for me these weeks. Once I was back in Malaysia after an Australia trip, college started again and tons of assignment were waiting for me to get accomplished. More and more tasks are needed to be done. Eventhough I really wanted to update my blog so badly, but I just couldn't sit there facing the macbook for hours given that there are so many stuffs that needs to be completed. Right now sitting infront of the comp and blogging has already made me utterly guilty. 

To begin with, my skin condition became worse after coming back from Gold Coast, Australia. Sun burn and breakouts, I am really disgusted and afraid to even see my own face in the mirror. Lucky me,  Agape Boutique offered me a box of Shekhinah serum to save my skin! It's also a great opportunity for me to start writing some beauty review posts. I've been reading some beauty blog posts for beauty upkeep reference, most of them uses beauty camera in beauty reviews which I personally think that it is not genuine and less convincing. Hence, in this blog post, I insisted to use only a DSLR to shoot. I did apply some make up on my face  (brows, thin eye liner and mascara) but trust me I didn't use any foundation or BB cream.
I know most of the times, we are very cautious about the products we buy online, especially when it comes to beauty products. Well I worry as well. However, you can simply trust Shekhinah serum. This product is formulated in France with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia's approval. 
In this box of Shekhinah serum, it comprises Stem Cell Renewal Serum and Diamond Renewal Serum. Both of these serums are suitable for all skin types. These two serums literally improved my skin tone, making my face look more radiant and reduced pimples. 

One bottle of serum contains 3.5ml, it is estimated to be abled to use for approximately 5 to 6 times ( depends on how you apply).
Here's the step on how you should you the serum correctly:
1. Wash your face with facial cleanser
2. Apply Toner on your face
3. Apply Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum. Gently massage until fully absorbed. (Apply 3-6 drops of serum on your palm, then focus on using your fingertips and apply it directly on your face, massage gently in circular motions over the next approximately 3-5 minutes)
4. You may apply sun block, moisturizer or make-up after using Shekhinah Stem Cell Renewal Serum.
5. For best results, please use both serums together. ( If you combine both serum, Please always apply Shekhinah Stem Cell FIRST. Massage until full absorbed then only apply Shekhinah Diamond Renewal Serum)
You can apply the serums twice a day (day and night).
A picture of evidence of I really did use the serums. 
If you wish to buy a box of serum, please visit Agape Boutique to purchase. Hope you guys enjoy reading my very first beauty post. Many thanks!
Last but not least, an outfit post. Wearing H&M basic top and a very lovely skirt c/o Starlight Shop.
photos by Yuen Loong

Thong Jean

Thursday, April 3, 2014


photos by Yuen Loong

(military outerwear c/o Parkamaya, no brand crop top, H&M skirt, heels c/o Agape Boutique, Zara clutch, Skagen watch) 

Ever since I started college, I've been hunting high and low for outwears like these. Jackets, cardigans, hoodies, blazer, etc. anything long sleeves as if I'm in a cold weather country. 

Trusty and utmost favourable pair of heels from Agape Boutique  are always my first choice whenever I intend to deliver a sense of strong yet feminine style- just take a look at those studs.  Speaking about studs, the clutch is a gift from Yuen Loong enough to encase my phone and some cash as well as a built-in petite mirror. And finally to the asymmetric crop top, I love it so much till I think I should get a white one as well.

Thong Jean