Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm Back

photos by Hui Yee Teo

( Urban Decay's Naked 3 eyeshadow palette,  top c/o The Clothing Market, Prada pouch, Uniqlo Jeans, boots c/o Agape Boutique, Double Infinity bracelet Vogue Right, glittery hairband as bracelets from Monki and Forever 21, Skagen watch )

Updates: Finished my AS finals, attended my high school's prom, travelled to Hong Kong with friends. It's time to get back to blogging. This is a warm up post for you guys to get yourselves ready for loads of up-coming posts such as my Australia trip and Hong Kong Trip. 

I'm a huge fan of the American series, Revenge. I finished watching its Season 3 on the plane and I'm now finding time to commence a Revenge season 4 marathon. I love the Double Infinity tattoo on the wrist of Emily Thorne. Guess what? I even thought of getting myself one too! However, I'm not sure if I want to commit to getting a tattoo. Luckily, my friends' shop, Vogue Right is selling a similar designed bracelet. I think I don't have to get a tattoo at this moment, since the bracelet will do the job. 

Also, The Clothing Market who sponsored the top I am wearing in the photos above is having a bazaar at Jaya One. If you're interested, you may drop by on the 6-7th of December, 11am-9pm. Oh and yes, I created this eye look by using Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. Really in love with the pinkish hue in Naked 3 compared to the previous ones. 

Next post will be up real soon! 

Thong Jean 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mon Monogram

photos by my father and me

L.T.J stands for Lim Thong Jean

I thought my next blog post would be after my finals. However, I just had to blog about this moment. 

Ever since last year, when I learned about Louis Vuitton's Mon Monogram from a fashion history book, I've been hankering to possess one. It is its history that fascinates me. Timeless design accompanied with the customised mon monogram service makes it precious and meaningful. Words cannot describe how exhilarated I was when I eventually placed an order. After more than a month of waiting (which was supposedly to be 2 months, but it arrived earlier, so yay for that), this bae's finally here. I can finally see it in actuality. It's so gorgeous and one-of-a-kind, simply incomparable. My first ever personalised mon monogram by Louis Vuitton. 

Thong Jean 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Three Stripes

This is me blogging, 2 weeks before my upcoming exams. I know I have to make an announcement on my blog to avoid any possible assumptions, because I'll be disappearing for about 2 months due to AS finals exams. I'm nervous. At the same time,  I'm making one of my life's biggest decisions -- applying for university. Positive vibes must conquer my entire mind, body and soul to assist me in getting through this period (and eternally). 

I've been buying loads of Adidas products due to their recent crazy sale and I love all my purchases. These Adidas slippers/slides/sandals are my current favourite footwear.  Since this outfit was worn last Sunday, I've already posted one of the photos on twitter. To my surprise, I've received quite a number of compliments from my friends and followers regarding how I've matched the sandals with my outfit. I find these sandals can be very edgy depending on how you style them. Birkenstock has similar sandals as well and I'm thinking of getting them. Another of my purchases from Adidas includes this men's tee. I never knew men's tees could be so comfortable to wear. I actually bought two different colours from the same range of tees. 

This outfit was actually from a spontaneous shopping date with Hui Yee. We literally planned it last minute and headed to town by ourselves. Hence, I didn't dress up much. This is basically what I'd wear during a laid-back Sunday. No make up (except for brows) and my Uniqlo jeans - my comfiest state. On the way back from shopping, we found an empty white house which I reckon is a super photogenic place to shoot for any ootd. Using my new investment -- Canon EOS 70D, I took a series of shots which I love so much, all credits to Hui Yee! 
photos by Hui Yee Teo 

(Adidas men's tee and sandals, Uniqlo jeans, Anchor bracelet c/o Vogue Right)

So, I'll see you guys two months from now! Best of luck in everything! 

Thong Jean