Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Update - iPhone photos

The month of June 2016 was intense but I'm just glad that this madness is over now. Looking back, I had no idea how I survived through the SWOT vacation. For those who don't know, SWOT vacation is a one week study break we're given before exams. 

I had my first three commerce papers on the first two days right after SWOT vacation; an insane exam timetable that had become infamous among our seniors. After the 3 papers, I had more or less a fortnight to study for my final law paper. My first ever exam I had in uni ended last week. After that, my parents came over to visit me and, currently, we are on a road trip to Mornington Peninsula with friends whom I met in Melbourne. 

Anyway, that was just a short update of my life after being away for quite some time. Stay tuned for the next blog post!

Lim Thong Jean

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mountains and Garden

(Having my finals in two weeks time, so Im gonna keep this post short and sweet.)
The next day, we went on a road trip from Okayama to Daikonshima to have lunch at a renowned Japanese Garden called Yuushien Garden. It was a 3 hour drive. Along the way, we stopped at a couple of touristy spots.

First stop, we parked our car at Hiruzen Plateau where we got to see the mountain, Hiruzen. It was a vast field with green grass as far as the eye could see, highlighted by a field of pink flowers I wish I knew the name for. The gale of wind was irritating; I swear, I couldn't pose for a second without my hair taking over my entire face. Hence, this post is going to be flooded with pictures of scenery instead.
The next stop, we drove to this location where we managed to see both Hiruzen Sanza and Daisen. The autumn view was so breath-taking. The gradient of nature's colours was simply awe-inspiring. 

The last stop was our destination -- Yuushien Garden. It was my second time there. This garden is so pretty, the pictures can't even do it any justice. The weather was perfect and the environment was serene. The sound of the water and the leaves flowing with the breeze was literally the definition of zen. I found my inner peace there. 

Not to forget, it was there where had one of my best soba noodle moments ever there. Slurping the scrumptious soba noodles whilst enjoying the view outside was an absolute enjoyment. I couldn't ask for more. 

Thong Jean