Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Strawberry Farm

(Hat, top and shorts from H&M, Hunter x Hunter The Label necklace, Birkenstock sandals, Chanel Boy Bag)

Sometime late February, Leo and I rented a car and drove to Yarra Valley for strawberry picking. We went to Blue Hills Berries and Cherries, just in time before the blackberry season ended. Hence, we were able to fill our box with some fresh blackberries. 

It was a scorching hot day so I was glad that my gigantic straw hat came in handy, although wearing a white shirt and shoes was probably not a smart choice. I had berry stains all over my top and mud stains on my sandals. But I'm not complaining because the photos turned out great and the stains were easily washed off.

We spent approximately 3 hours in the strawberry farm. It sure was a soul-healing experience to be away from the city and have the experience of plucking fresh produce. My boyfriend and I enjoyed ourselves a lot there. Would definitely come back again when the berries are in season. 

photos by Leo Chan, editing by me.



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