Thursday, June 7, 2012

The camera .

This is the first series of photos that I've completed with her. Well , she doesn't want me to mention her name , she just wanna be mysterious .  I borrowed an antique camera from a friend . It's really a cool camera . So I had  a photoshoot with this camera . hehe you cant see my face ! 
Just enjoy the photos :
This is my lovely photographer :) 
In love with my hair ♥
And huge thanks to Guan Yuan for lending me his Nikon F .
I think I look cute here so I just wanted to upload it :) lollllll haha.

(Top from Forever 21 , Romp's high-waist shorts , shoes from Taiwan )
photos taken by 'her' , edited by me 

PS : comment pls !
by ,
Thong Jean.


Anonymous said...

Last photo is chubby look xD


agree with Vichy~ =D
like last pic de most <3

Thong Jean said...

:) hehe >~<

Thong Jean said...

woah , arelis , first time you comment on my blog ! *happy* :DDD
haha thanks yaa :)

Yuen Loong said...

Nice photos~

Thong Jean said...

Thank youu ~ ♥

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