Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lady Gaga : The Born This Way Ball in Singapore !

        On the second night in Singapore , my bro and I went to Lady Gaga's The Born This Way Ball at the Singapore Indoor Stadium ! I'm a die hard fan of Lady Gaga , seriously ! Frankly , I really cant believe that I've actually been to her concert . It's like my dream came true ! Ahhh , I love her so much and I've always wanted to have a chance to watch her concert .
        Back to when I was 13 , went to Shanghai with my family , met a friend from Malaysia ,  also a fan of Lady Gaga , she even went to her concert when Lady Gaga first had her concert tribute in Singapore. I was so so so envy of her that time . 
At the meantime, thanks to my lovely younger brother, he offered to book the tickets online . Lady Gaga's The Born This Way Ball previously had only a single day for her concert which was 28th May. All the tickets were sold out . But then , the concert organizer added two more concert days which were on the 29th and 30th May due to the overwhelming fans response. When the news was out , my lovely bro immediately booked the tickets for us . I was so surprised that he sometimes can be cute instead of fighting brutally with me . 
 The shirts on sale were really expensive, I didnt realise that until the cashier scanned the price tag haha.  There were some designs that were really epic. I was having a hard time choosing one. So eventually , I chose the last one ( grey gaga keyboard sweater ) that's the only design that I dare to wear out lolllll. It costs $80 , equivalent to RM 200 . Gosh , I seriously didnt notice how expensive it was when buying it . But it's worth it  'cause I really like it a lot !
 Rushed to the toilet to change my clothes after paying for it! WHEEEE , I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! Oh and yes, I didnt take any photos 'cause I didnt bring my DSLR in , was afraid of Singapore's law , I don't really dare to cross the line ! But it seemed that you can actually bring a digital camera in , sadly , my Canon Ixus was spoiled by my bro very long time ago . Anyway , it's not a big thing for me. I really enjoyed the concert a lot since I didnt have to focus on photographing Lady Gaga . Was hardcore shaking my head , dancing , watching her rock on stage throughout the concert ! YAY . 

Setlist for Singapore’s BTW Ball:
1. Highway Unicorn
2. Government Hooker
3. Born This Way
4. Amen Fashion + Black Jesus
5. Bloody Mary
6. Bad Romance
7. Judas
8. Fashion Of His Love
9. Just Dance
10. Love Game
11. Telephone
12. Heavy Metal Lover
13. Bad Kids
14. Hair
15. Yoü and I
16. Electric Chapel
17. Americano
18. Poker Face
19. Alejandro
20. Paparazzi
21. Scheiße
22. Edge of Glory
23. Marry The Night
The concert lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes as what she promised us at the beginning . Half way through, Lady Gaga saw a girl holding a piece of note saying "It's my 19th birthday GAGA ! " And Lady Gaga sang a birthday song for her ! Oh my lady gaga , that girl she was so luckyyyyyyyy !!!!! I'm so jealous of her ! XD 
Check out this video :

Oh, I didn't just buy a sweater , also bought a BORN A MONSTER towel. (it somehow looks like a photoshop added piece of banner in the photo above, agree? )  Gonna bring it to gym and to my volleyball training ! muahaha  :DDDD

Saw Gaga's twitter on 28th May , made me so excited to go for her concert !

Lastly, share this video with you all I've found in youtube :D

: D 

Specially thanks to my parents who paid the tickets for me and my bro , love you both so much :D


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