Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday .

Sunday ; it's the only day that I dont have to go school . I have school 6 days a week . Yea , that means , I needa go school on Saturdays .  And on every Saturday , I'd make sure that I wont touch my homework since I've been so super busy with school work during weekdays , and of course , Saturday .  I would say to myself : ' do it on Sunday la ' . But on every Sunday , Im too lazy for homework ... So I would stay at home fbing or reading blogs , and let the time fly . Eventually, every Sunday is an unproductive day for me . Today is just the same , I went out with my family , ballet class , fb-ing and oh ya , blogging . 
I cant be like this any more ! Ahh . But at least , yesterday I went for jogging . So satisfying :)
And this series of photos , I did it last last last last last Sunday . hahahhaha , finally posted them up , do enjoy them !
I love vintage rings and I have alot of them , will show u all my collection of rings hehe :)
Huge thanks to Wong Guan Yuan again for lending me his Nikon F !
( hair done by my photographer , eyeliner by her too , photos taken by her , she's a superwoman XD , edited by me )
So , I really should lead a positive life now . Im reading the book , Secret again since Xia Xue blogged about it . The book is really very meaningful , and I think all of you should read it . Then,  I can be surrounded by positive people . Wouldn't my life be great then ? and of course , you do too !
haha , I actually 'bu shuang' alot people in the past , but now , I've learnt that , that's no need for me to hate them . Straining brain cells , wasting time , energy ...etc.
I promise all my beloved readers , that I will not hate any one in my life from now !

“Smile big for everyone, even when you know what they’ve done.”
Love life ♥


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Nice photos and CURL hair~!
Looking forward for more posts! :D
Tata~! xD

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