Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lunch and Dinner !

Today , Im gonna blog about one of my outings with him! To start off , I missed Sushi so much that I told him I wanna go to Sushi Tei@Pavillion week before that. And so we went there to have lunch together. I've been to Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall with family several times. I love their food so much . I even tweeted " Sushi Tei has the best sushi in town ! " . I really really love all their food . Feeling so damn hungry now by watching these photos we both captured.
I love this sushi roll , cant remember the name thou . But you can easily spot it in the menu . 
And we ordered steamboat :D There's a lot mushrooms inside ! FYI, I love mushroom a lot ! This is why every time when I open a menu , I'll order stuff that includes mushroom . Those who've gone out with me will definitely know that xD
Him :)
This is my favourite dish in Sushi Tei ! I'll order this for sure whenever I visit any Sushi Tei in Malaysia !
Apart from these dishes we still ordered a ramen and drinks. Good thing we actually finished all of them ! (Was really hungry)

After all the shoppings, we had Thai food for dinner that day, Celadon @ Pavillion. It is located at Pavillion's top floor. Highly recommended! 'cause their thai food is really very yummy ! This is my second time dining in this restaurant with him. We both love this place so much that we couldnt resist ourselves walking into this restaurant instantly when it came to choosing which restaurant for dinner.
 The design of this restaurant is very elegant, the entire environment is so cosy. Im sure u guys couldnt believe that this actually is a Thai restaurant by the look of it's interior design,  Look at the chairs, I adore how they mix thai style with some touch of modern sense

Some dishes we've ordered :
I love love love this tom yam soup ! Highly recommended!
Im a happy girl :)
Yes ! I love prawns a lot too !
Lots of people dined-in this restaurant 'cause they love their food !

Lastly, my outfit of the day :
( wearing striped shirt bought from the highest floor in Sunway Pyramid years ago  -no brand  , grey singlet from FOS which you can actually buy from a lot places , Forever 21's black high-waist skirt , Van's leopard sneakers, Purple Nike bag ) 

That's all for tonight . I love how my leopard sneakers matched with my outfit.
 hehe XD

night night .


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