Thursday, August 9, 2012

8TV Move It ! 动起来 !

Hey guys , tell u what , last Sunday I was onTV !
Nah ,it wasnt because of bloggin. How much i wish that i could be on tv as a sensational fashion blogger haha XD. Instead, It was because of volleyball ! And it wasnt just me, my school's volleyball team was on the move too! (Y)

Well , I just noticed that this wasnt my first time being on TV . I realised that I appeared on tv for a few seconds (haha) when I was std 6 back in primary. Astro's 《我来自华小》programme. Fortunately , a guy called Mac was being interviewed , and I was sitting some where near him . So that's why can only see me for few seconds XD. I wasnt the main character that time , so not consider that as "me-on-tv".

But this time .... I appeared on tv for so long ! I never thought that I could be on tv because of volleyball ! Big thanks to 8TV Move It! invited my school's volleyball team to be featured on their show . 

This episode of 8TV Move It, was done in April , if nt mistaken, held at University of Malaya . We were there for two days, It was really really tiring for me 'cause the next day after shooting was Wilayah Persekutuan's volleyball match . What made us extremely happy was , the jerseys and pants we wore for the shooting were all sponsored by them ! How lucky we are ! Can be on tv , some more get to wear sponsored jerseys!

We had loads of fun during shooting ! :) First , the two handsome tv hosts Rickman谢承伟and Baki巴麒 are very humour , and they made the whole atmosphere for shooting into happy and relax mode . Plus, they are very friendly ! The guests for this episode were Aenie Wong 王淑君 and Liew Li Li 廖丽莉 Liew Li Li was my school's student ,our 学姐!She was in the volleyball school team last time !

I didnt actually promote much to my friends except my classmates about this until that day the show showing on tv . Posted a picture of me biting my fingers on Instagram and my page to catch people's attention . Eventually , it was successful . A lot people from my school watched it . Even my hip hop crew friend and my previous English tuition Aunt Sophia watched it too !

So this is the picha  XD :
And the trailer for this episode ! :

Spot me on 0.02 ! Yeng bao XD
To see more information , visit 8TV Move It Official Website !  HERE !


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