Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweater Skirt Shoes

....are usually what I always wear. 
(sweater, skirt and bag from Sungei Wang, Summit flats, casio vintage watch)

photos by Yuen Loong

These photos were taken around the restaurant where I had dinner with my family and Loong yesterday. We made use of some time before eating when food order was being taken. Pretty nice place right? As what I've mentioned in the title, I usually just wear something like this during outings with family or friends, most of the time. I such a fan of sweater until I possess some kind of knacks in collecting nice and cool sweaters. You guys might ask : Isn't Malaysia very hot? Yes it is, but Im the kind of person that doesn't sweat easily and hardly ever feel the heat. However, I am highly vulnerable to cold. I don't switch on the aircond when I sleep, but a fan instead. Shocking right?

I wear skirts more often than shorts or jeans. This is because my parents always tell me that I look prettier when i wear skirts compared to shorts. Moreover, I dont have nice butts okay? Still in the progress to train my butts upright. 

I normally wear flats when going for a normal outing. I seldom wear heels as it'll make me look awkward being a whole lot taller among my friends,  unless they wear it too. This pair of shoes from Summit in Fahrenheit 88 is considered as my every-day pair of shoes. I wear them almost everyday since the day I bought them. I love black flats.

That's all for this post, this is what i usually put on during outings lolol. 

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