Sunday, December 23, 2012

These Shoes are Meant To Be

I cant wait to get my driving license next year ! 
( basic white top , Cotton On velvet flared skirt , vintage necklace , shoes from Agape Boutique at I-Square Station , Casio vintage watch )

photos by father 

The sole point of this post is of the shoes I've just bought from Agape Boutique at I-Square . I have been looking for this pair of shoes for a very long time. Finally, this ideal design appeared right in front of me when I attended I-Square Station's opening with my friend , Sherly Tan. Much to our delight, we met the owner of Agape Boutique there. It was such an honour to me meeting her ! We chatted and took pictures together ( well I'll blog about this soon). When I reached home , I told my father all about this and buzzed him to help me take some pictures. Well , these shoes are superbly pretty and sexy . Thus , sexy shoes like these should be paired with sexy car right ? So yea , father's car will do .  

Have a great Sunday night everyone ! 

Love , 
Thong Jean 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

The shoes are so nice and wild.
It's just so fits on you, like a "wild" girl with a red dyed hair wearing wild shoes. xD

Thong Jean said...

Yup , I love the shoes soooo much ! Thank you , Shin Rong ! :)

CamyJii said...

How much?

Thong Jean said...

It was RM 99.90 before discount . They are now having promotion , so it has 10% . It was the last pair , so I got another 10% discount . Thus , total 20% discount for this pair of shoes . :)

Mandy said...

U look cool in tis kind of photos! Like it so so much! May take more abt this kind of photo:D

Thong Jean said...

Aww thank you Mandy ! I'll definitely will take more of this kind of photos . I love this style too ! :)

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