Saturday, January 12, 2013

believe what you believe is right

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It's 12th January 2013 today, During yesterday, my school announced a sudden saturday off for us. I was in high spirits after the announcement as there's gonna be day off and that means I will be able to join the gathering. I should be at the field with them right now but because of some personal reasons, I failed to attend. Yes, I am very sad. However, my heart and mind will always be with the true warriors who attended KL112 today. I really look up on them.

Blogging this post I need to be, I mean, I MUST equip a level of matured and rational thinking.  I think everyone of us has the freedom and rights to advocate our voice. That's why we have to protest when our rights and freedom are being ripped. 

Well, I'm really not really good at expressing my voice writing articles like this. In few words, I believe what I believe is right. And I'm gonna fight for it.

Thong Jean 


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