Friday, January 25, 2013

The 27th Golden Disk Awards (Day 2)

I assume that all of you know about Golden Disk Awards (GDA) which was held at Sepang International Circuit on January 15th and 16th. These two days were totally a bless for us to have so many KPOP stars all gathered in one place, in my beloved country. I actually did some research about GDA, for your information the first 'Golden Disk Awards' began in 1986, and since then, it's become Korea's most prestigious awards ceremony for music. It is also widely recognised as the 'Korean Grammy Awards',the ceremony is reputed for its fair standards, as the committee utilizes figures from album and digital music sales only.

Well, I attended the second day's award only, with my girl friends. It was so crazy the whole happening from my home to Sepang. To begin with, on that day, I got a phone call from Patricia right after I reached home after school at about 4:30pm. She rang up and said she had free tickets for me and Cherry. I immediately jumped and screamed in joy and excitement, in fact, I reacted quite funny and stupid. In short, it was quite a last minute thing.  I quickly got dressed up, picked up Cherry, and met up Patricia. Then, we all were fetched by Patricia's pet brother to Sepang together with his sister. That's what days in life should be like, exhilarating.

We spent merely 2 hours to dress up, how fast we were. Then almost 2 hours snarled up in a traffic jam. Reached there at 8:30pm. Thus, we were late but it's okay, we came here mainly because of G-Dragon!
Here are some pictures I've taken:
Love this pic? I purposely went toilet so that it was far enough to capture the whole stage. Spot the moon!
GD oppa so cute!  
Imagine, this was not even half of the crowds.
He was wearing blue contact lens.

Here are some photos I grabbed from the internet:
GD oppa while on red carpet with his black and white hair!
Ailee and Lee Hi!
Epik High!
PSY oppa won the Grand Prize. So sad that he wasn't able to attend or not he defnitely will blow the stage off with his famous Gangnam style dance! Although he couldn't collect his award in person, but he actually sent a video message to thank all his listeners for his award. 
With Cherry.
I was wearing official One of A Kind cap and t-shirt from, Forever 21 skirt, shoes and bag from Sungei Wang.
It took me quite a long time to exit from where the concert was held. Most of the concerts I attended in  Malaysia always have this problem. I personally think that the organizers should give some serious thought about this. Although part of it is because of the massive crowd, but at least have some much more systematic and constructive directions and arrangement on ways to evacuate.

Below are the list of winners from Day 2 (Digital) of this year's show:
 Digital Daesang
- Psy “Gangnam Style”

 Digital Bonsang
- 2NE1
- f(x)
- G-Dragon
- Huh Gak
- K.Will
- miss A
- Psy
- T-ara

 Rookie Award
- B.A.P
- Ailee
- Lee Hi

 CeCi Popularity Award
- G-Dragon

 Samsung Galaxy Star Award

 InStyle Fashionista Award
- Lee Hong Ki

 MSN International Award

 Best Hip Hop Star Award
- Epik High

 Best Single Album Award
- TEEN TOPIMG_9166_2

Big thanks to Patricia and CK for the tickets! That's all for today!
Happy Weekend!

PS: My school is having a carnival on Saturday which is tomorrow!
I can't wait for it!

Thong Jean


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