Saturday, February 9, 2013


Crayon-like backdrop. When someone mentioned crayon to me, first thing I would think of is definitely going to be the song Crayon by G-Dragon yet the second thing that would come up on my mind is the word 'colourful'. The playground's background is just so multi-coloured, so crayonic.  And yes, I know you're puzzled why is this gal here wearing all-black (except for the neon statement necklace), but don't you feel that it's an ideal choice to bring out the whole swag feel and also not to miss out, emphasizing on the word Giyongchy with the background? 

I am blogging about this outfit before my blog turns into a RED Chinese New Year mode. So now, let's see the pictures :)
Spot my muscles.
photos by my mysterious photographer
styled and make-  up by me 

Giyongchy beanie (I'm selling at price rm35, currently out of stock, will restock after CNY), Mirrorcle neon statement necklace, dress from Times Square boutique, Jefferey Campbell inspired heels from Agape Boutique, Diva stacked bracelet, Casio vintage watch

As you can see above, the beanie is currently out of stock. I will announce on my Instagram, twitter (@thongjean), Facebook page and of course on my blog once I have a restock. I love this series of pictures to the max. There are so many hidden beautiful angles that we could find in this playgrounds. There were also many foreign children playing at there and it made my photographer kept screaming : ' Gosh, they are so cute'. It also made me recalled my childhood memories. I couldn't stand up straight in the playground like those children could. It also proves that I've grown up and reminds me that we can actually smile and laugh like there's no reason for us for not doing so. 

PS: Just done my CNY shopping yesterday. You will get to see a lot of red items in my next posts. Do follow my blog on the side bar there. My goal is to reach 100 of followers in February! Wish me good luck!

Thong Jean


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