Tuesday, March 26, 2013

strolling around the trees with this kitty shirt

Hello my beloved readers! It's been a while since I've got some free time to focus on blogging. It's holiday everyone! Although just merely a week. Well, I just got home from Sunway Lagoon with my girls. Study time - study hard study smart; Holiday - play hard & enjoy life! Quite exhausted after playing in the water and games in Sunway Lagoon, but this sort of tiredness is absolutely enjoyable and worth it. This week of holiday is going to be hectic. I've so many plans to carry on. I don't think a week is enough, who's here to agree with me?

To begin with, these photos are not my recent pictures. They were shot during the last holiday. I'm so sorry for being so procrastinated. My close friends been telling me that I look way much different compared to last time. They showed me pictures of me in the past. I didn't even realise that I was seriously chubby. Even when I compare myself with these pictures of me on this post with the pictures that I've took recently, I really lost a lot of weight. I mean, my face is less chubby than last time. That's a good thing right? I guess credits shall be given to my work out, jogging and volleyball training. Tell you guys what, I have the 11-line on my stomach now! Wheee :)
Muscular legs.  
( Evil beanie from random boutique at 1u, top from Cat Walk at KWC, skirt from F-block, shoes from Agape Boutique, Diva stacked bracelets, Casio vintag watch)

photos by my mysterious photographer

Apart from abs on my stomach, I have buffy muscles on my legs too. It just make me looks so weird on heels. Anyhow, I'll just embrace it. Finding a way to get slimmer legs via the Internet.

And yes, this skirt again! I simply love this skirt from F-block. I'll re-wear my clothes I don't care. This is because I really love them. That's the reason why I bought them! I don't think there's anything wrong to re-wear my clothes. In fact, it's really not eco-friendly for people who just wear their clothes once, leaving them abandoned in the closet forever. But it's all up to them. One of my rules for fashion is " re-wear, mix and match". Come on guys, we can re-wear our clothes many times, mix and match them with other clothes or accessories, that's it! Think out of the box. 

Happy holiday everyone! Have a great one!

Thong Jean 


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The cat women! Or I should say the kitty women? xD
Nicely mix & match! =D

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