Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Blog

Happy Birthday to my dearest blog, 
Here's a letter for you, my blog. So you're finally 1 year old! However, it seriously doesn't feel like a whole long year for me since you were born. Thank you for always being there for me to express my thoughts, my opinions on fashion, my daily lifestyle and my own principles. It simply crazy for your mother, which is me, to realize that I've gained so much since your birth date, raising you till a one year old baby by now. You know what, you have 70 followers right now! It's not a large sum but to come to think about it, it's just one year. ONE YEAR. 70 followers is a very good start!

Your mama is such a busy person, juggling schoolwork, volleyball, dancing, red house and etc., sometimes I don't even have the time to take care of you, but please remember that I will never give up on you, I'll never give up on blogging! So it's been a year ady, I'm not sure how far blogging is gonna bring me ahead. I definitely love blogging. You, my blog opens a door for me to share my thoughts and the another side of me. I may be shy and obedient in real life but when it happens here, I'm daring, I get to advocate whatever I want, I get to show that I'm actually not easy to deal with at the same time I'm a very positive person.

Also, special thanks to
my parents for buying my a laptop so that I can blog and for being my photographer.
my mysterious photographer and photographers that I have worked with all along.
my beloved readers :)
last but not least,
my dear Loong for always being there to support me no matter what!

no cake for you though, who ask you don't have a mouth to eat just like Hello Kitty. 

mother of this blog, 
Thong Jean


lemonSid said...

like the smallsmall words ahahhaxD

Thong Jean said...

hahahaha XD

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