Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simpson love

Firstly, I would love to give a big thanks to all of you who've viewed my Gwiyomi video. I've received a lot good feedbacks from you guys and my friends, guess what, even some of the teachers in my school watched my Gwiyomi too! Speaking about this, I'm blushing now! I can't imagine what the teachers will think of me after watching the video. 


Okay, to the main point, This post is overloaded with pictures. Yea so, just enjoy the pictures and keep scrolling! 

photos by my mysterious photographer

(on me: Simpson crop top and Simpson tight skirt from Starlight Shop, Forever 21 leather vest, Nose heels, Diva stacked bracelets, Casio vintage watch, spiked necklace borrowed from Cherry)
(on Cherry: Simpson sweater borrowed from me, Giyongchy beanie - I'm selling, other items unknown )

Done some collaboration shoots with Cherry and my mysterious photographer at Genting, this is one of the outfits we put on that day. I love collaboration photoshoot 'cause we were like pretending we were models shooting for magazine!  This was just sooooo fun! I love the cartoon drama Simpson since young and the genius fashion designer Jeremy Scott with his extraordinary taste for fashion has brought the Simpson to our closets! This outfit is genuinely cute and can easily attract attentions in the middle of the crowd! It somehow gives a swaggy feel by matching these crop top, tight skirt or sweater with punk accessories.

Love this Simpson outift ttmax, it's comfy to wear and looks great. What are you waiting for? Get one from  Starlight Shop now !  Oh and yes, lovin' my new heels from Nose too! I love them to the max! Yes, they are black again. I seriously think that I should get out of my comfort zone and try heels of other colours! 

Stay tuned for my updates!

Thong Jean


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Nice Simpson outfit & high heels! OwO

Thong Jean said...

thank you Shin Rong! Love simpson and this pair of heels so much! :)

Stephy Mei said...

you look gorgeous ! what workout do you do to maintain your shape ? :)

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