Tuesday, June 25, 2013

P license

Finally got my P license last week! I have so much to tell you guys about it! Eff the haze, school's off today and tomorrow (good? well I sense something weird and negative about it although there's free holiday),  anyway,I finally have the time to sit down and blog :)
Well, I had my second driving exam last Monday.  Yea, second exam. You guys may wonder which section did I fail on my first driving exam. So here's to my confession, I passed my slope and side parking, also on the road without bribing. However, I failed my three point turn which is considered as the easiest one. When my mom knew that I failed my three point turn she kept teasing at me. Duh.

I guess I was too nervous and also because I wasnt really used to the car I sat for the exam. But oh well, it was over. I had to pay another RM200 for my next driving exam. With RM200 I could totally buy loads of clothes. So I told myself I musn't fail my next driving exam. 

I had to wait for almost a month for my second exam. #costoffailingdrivingexam
I had to pay RM200 for my second driving exam. #anothercostoffailingdrivingexam

On the day of my second driving exam, I waited for like 1 hour for my turn. #andanothercostoffailingdrivingexam, I wouldn't have to wait if I didn't fail my first driving. Hence, in order to prevent exactly the same thing happens again, I MUST PASS this time. 

And I did.


Words can't describe how happy I was.

About 3 days after passing my driving exam, I got home and checked my letterbox. My P license is right there infront of me. I actually told my coach to just drop my P license and the sticker into my letterbox 'cause my mom might be still sleeping. Frankly, I don't really like my P license photo. I took that photo after school and I looked so tired, I think shouldn't let my hair down. But who cares la. Anyway, I went out for driving twice already up now, of course with my father in companion. 

Feeling like a grown up with my P license on my hand.

Thong Jean


Honey Tan said...

Congratulations!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Thong Jean! Not sure if you remember me but I'm Sue Anne from Puay Chai, one year your senior & we met in our school choir :) Stumbled upon your blog through Agape Boutique & I thought I'd drop by to say Hi! Keep up the good blogging & congratulations on getting your license! Drive safe and take care! xx

Thong Jean said...

Thank you! :)

Thong Jean said...

Of course I remember you Sue Anne! Ah, long time no see you! How've you been? :)
Thank you so much :) That motivates me a lot! Miss you so mucchhhhhhhhh!
Take care too! xx

Honey Tan said...

yw. ^_^

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