Monday, July 22, 2013

Legoland Malaysia | First in Asia

This is such an overdue post. I've been really busy these days. Trial is approaching and I have to really focus on it. But how can I abandon my blog like this. Thus, I must try to find a way to balance between  these two. 
The past few weeks were filled with sports activities. First I had my school's sports day, and then semifinals and final match of interclass basketball competition. Well, I'll catch up with you guys about these events on my future posts! 

Last holiday, my father, brother and I went to Legoland. Mom didn't follow us because my bro was throwing tantrums few days before we departure and my mother was so pissed that she chose not to tag along. Haih. What a waste. We stayed one night in JB and went to Singapore the next day for River Safari and GD's concert. We'll get to that next time. 

It's considered as a pride for us to have Legoland in Malaysia, everyone knows that, first in Asia. How cool was that. All my friends advised me not to go Legoland in these few years first cause all the trees there haven't grown into big trunks and canopies yet, it was really hot there.  Indeed, the sun was scorching, I can feel my skin was burning in Legoland. My advice for Legoland: please plant more trees please. My advice for my readers: bring umbrella, bring hat, bring sunblock, bring sufficient water, etc..
Meet my bro, Hong Yi. He looks so not muscular in this tee mann. Perhaps he should do gym more. But he told that he still want to grow taller (he's ady 181cm).  Weight-lifting may stop people from growing taller. I guess that makes quite some sense?

Meet the best father in the world! It's my first time showing you guys his pic on my blog. Want to know my mom too? Will show you on my Tanjung Sepat post real soon!
The heat was totally brought us down. We wasted quite a lot of money buying cold drinks. 
Studded flats from Agape Boutique! Up up above Legoland!
If you ask me whether I will still visit Legoland again, my answer will be yes. There are still many facilities under-constructing. Rumours said that there will be water activities here in the future. I would like to give a try! Still hoping that there will be more trees in Legoland so that the whole condition will be chiller somehow. 
There are two exciting games here. For me, just two. One is this, The Dragon.
The another one is this, Project X.
The buildings look so real from this angle, don't you think so? It feels like they shifted the whole Kuala Lumpur here!
At the Miniland! Me and the mini lego version of Kuala Lumpur!

Bangunan Abdul Samad! Did a research about this historical few years ago for my history project. McD run strarting point at here almost every year.
Monorail. I was excited when I saw these two mini version of monorail. I'm studying in KL and monorail is one of my transportations from my school to Bukit Bintang area and to a lot of places. Had a strong feeling when I saw these.
One of my favourite places to go in KL, KLCC! 
Looks so surreal!
The forever road building in KL that have to spend so many years to build and cause so much traffic. So true lol.
When my bro and I saw this muddy river, we were like: THIS IS THE KLANG RIVER!  So muddy lol haha.

Taj Mahal, India. On my travel list.
Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, China.
I've been to these two places when I was young. I swear I will visit there again!
Angkur Wat, Cambodia. Wanted to visit this place so badly! On my travel list!
Saw this thing and thought it was quite cute lol haha. So surprised that they never missed turning a single thing that has the potential to become lego.
Not My school bag.
Before heading to hotel, took a pic in front of the main entrance when the weather was so much better. 

I was wearing military camo tee from China, Forever 21 jeans, Cotton On back, Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses and Agape Boutique flats.

Heewww! There are over 60 pictures in this post and finally you've made it here! Overall, I think Legoland is not as bad as what people said. I somehow enjoyed and had fun there. I'll come back in 2 or 3 years I guess. Next target, Sanrio Land! I have two free tickets from Hong Leong Bank and can't wait to go there already!

Was wearing a really casual outfit to Legoland 'cause I knew I would be sweating like hell. Jeans are always perfect for travelling. I needed jeans in my wardrobe so badly before I got these from F21. I even tweeted "Thong Jean has finally owned a pair of jeans!" lolol.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a nice day!

Thong Jean 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Nice job & nice post AGAIN, Jean!(^▽^ )

1 said...

Wah! Seems like Legoland is pretty nice. Will plan a trip there soon. Thanks for the tips and advice! hehe

xx Mandy

Thong Jean said...

thanks Shin Rong!! :DDD

Thong Jean said...

Yea! You're welcome, hope you'll find it useful! Enjoy your trip :DD

June L. said...

Oh my, lego land looks so fun! Wish I could go~ ;n; Looks like you had a great time.

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