Friday, August 9, 2013

Almost All White Situation

One of the reasons why I like holidays is that I get to blog more often. This post is the second post of this week, I like how efficient I am right now. Wearing my boyfriend, Loong's Topman plaid shirt, so comfy. Oh and yes, not to be missed my white Zara skort. I bought this beautiful white piece last month after buying the black one as you can see in this post. By really good luck, it was the last piece available. Dancing in joy I was. However, bad events tend to be unavoidable. Although the white skort's price tag there stated it an S size, it was way bigger than the black S size I bought! I always have the habit not to cut off the price tag and keep the receipt whenever I buy things. I'm sure most of you do the same. When I found out it was bigger,  I went to Zara the another to request a change with the receipt in my hand with the price tag still on the skort. (it's not about the money~ money~ money~) 
Unfortunately, this white Zara skort was sold out throughout Malaysia. ( I even went to Australia and Singapore's Zara website to check whether they're stock available or not so that maybe my friends there could help me out). They told me I could swap this with other stuff. Declined. I asked them if they could offer tailor service for it. They said they could just make it short but not the waist measure, 'cause there were no knit lines the side of the skirt, that somehow will make the skort difficult to tailor. It came to the point that I had to find a tailor by my own. Fussy much. I way love this skort too much till I don't want to swap it with other stuff. Thus, I brought this skort to the tailor located lower ground at Ikano Power Centre. It was quite expensive, I should have brought it to somewhere else. But you can't deny that, they did a pretty good job, making the skort suit me so perfectly without altering the original look. It took me a long time of two whole weeks waiting for this skort to be done. Good things worth waiting hmm.

I coordinated it in three different ways. 
Loving this gorgeous white cut-out platforms from Agape Boutique!
2. Plaid shirt tied around waist.
3. Without plaid shirt
Photos by Yuen Loong

( Loong's Topman plaid shirt, Forever 21 basic tank top, white Zara skort, Agape Boutique white cutout platforms)

By the way, my right ankle is still very swollen as you've probably noticed in the picures above. It has been weeks since I sprained my ankle due to a basketball interclass match. Jay Chou's concert's scene last saturday is still playing in mind. Magical day sitting at the first row watching him! 

Thong Jean 


Wann said...

Nice platform shoes. All white looks good too!!

CamyJii said...

OMG I'm in love with youuuu >w<♡

Thong Jean said...

thank you!! :DD

Thong Jean said...

awwwww hahaha thank youuu! ♥♥♥♥

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