Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aztec Wanderer

Started college last week and I actually made it as an excuse to some how procrastinate my blogging schedule. Im already feeling guilty now. College life was absolutely fun, at least to me.  Well, if you have noticed, my blog finally has its own domain,! Moreover, my blog layout is finally done! I have no idea how to express the joy I am experiencing now! Many thanks to my blog designer for making my blog a more sophisticated one than it was back then. I love the whole monochrome look. Minimalistic.

 Aztec cardigan c/o Starlight Shop 15

photos by Rose Ong

Finally get to meet up with the gorgeous Rose before my college started. It was such a pleasure for me to meet her. I love her style and the way she capture photos as well as editing them. They're really breathtaking! It was both our first time meeting each other face to face. I was actually really worried conversations might turn awkward yet it didn't. She was really friendly and the whole shooting was so fun! She even did my make up and Im so in love with the brows she drew for me! Surprisingly, we both are Michelle Phan's fans. Thus, it added more topics to our conversation. Looking forward to the next photoshoot with her, if possible, she's going to Melbourne, Australia for further studies in February. If you guys are interested to work with her, please email to :)

Loving this cardigan so much! I wear this to my college very much often as it keeps me warm. It's especially essential keeping myself warm in low temperature or cold climate. Somehow I feel secured and comfy at the same time. Just like how I always needed a blanket during the night, in spite of the hot weather in Malaysia,  moreover I sleep without air-cond.

Thong Jean


Chiew Nee said...

Love all the photos! so lovely <3

Heaven Knows

Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Who is your blog's layout designer?
This blog turns out GREAT! Haha..great to see how this blog is growing up.
Wish you all the BEST! =)

Thong Jean said...

To Chiew Nee, thanks!

To Shin Rong, my blog's layout designer is Kim, you can get her link below my blog. Glad that you like my blog's new layout! Thank youu so much for supporting since I started blogging! :)

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