Saturday, March 1, 2014


February 5, 2014, the day that I thought that it would be just another normal day, the day that I would be the only one who's so crazily anticipated for it to come and the day celebrating it alone. However, my friends and family somehow proved that I was wrong, in a good way. 
I went to college on that day as usual, not expecting anything to happen. Unexpectedly, college friends threw me a surprise at a café during break time! I seriously didn't know how to react when all the passer-by(s) and other customers in the cafe glanced at me as they sang the birthday song.

After college, on my way back home, I received text messages from my boyfriend, telling me he couldn't celebrate my birthday with me, although he was smartly hideous, I knew it was lie straight away though. I thought he was definitely already at my home waiting for me and perhaps we're gonna have dinner together. However, it was beyond what I imagined. 

By the time I stepped into my house entrance door, Vichy, my best friend, jumped straight out and surprised me with a loud party popper with confetti(s) flying out scattered all around.  I was literally shocked till I fell and sat right down on the floor. When I got up, Yuen Loong, my boyfriend jumped out and scared me off with a 2nd popper. Boom! Totally caught me off guarded. The whole entire process from the moment I entered the house till the end of the surprise was being recorded. I kept re-watching the video repeatedly, so embarrassed yet so touched. They also gave me a few missions to be completed before arriving at the biggest surprise. Searching for the letters around the house and accomplishing the missions written on the letters. After finishing the task, I finally get to go into my room. 

My room, was so pretty and beautiful that day. White and pink helium balloons floating in the air overhanging memorable photos. Also, Hello Kitty and Birthday Diva balloons. Didn't know my room could be this pretty. Not just my photos hanging on the balloon but also the photo of my family, photo of Vichy with me and photo of my boyfriend and me. Memories. It was indeed a birthday surprise that I had always been dreaming about. Thank you my dear Yuen Loong, Vichy and my family for making this come true. Thank you guys for putting so much effort to make this day so memorable. Grateful.

Im officially eighteen years old now. 

Thong Jean


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