Sunday, March 30, 2014


photos by Yuen Loong

( F Block turtleneck sleeveless top, pinafore c/o Starlight Shop 15, phone case and creepers c/o Agape Boutique, Skagen watch)

It's been so long since I've worn a pinafore. And it's because I always thought that pinafore is somewhat troublesome  (e.g. : when you're going to toilet) but this one's definitely fine 'cause it's a pinafore dress, not a jumpsuit. Pinafore, striped top and creepers, best combo ever. I feel like an painter somehow except I need a beret and a palette to bring out that artist feel. 

I had been attacked by mosquitoes whilst taking pictures for this outfit. You might notice there are several red spots on my body. I've tried my best to remove them by editing but my editing skills aren't that mature yet. It would be very scary for you to see if I didn't remove them. 

March is ending soon. There are quite a number of things that happened in March. April is sprouting soon, looking forward to a better month, seriously. Currently having two weeks of break now. Time to enrich myself with books and more updates on blog! 

Thong Jean 


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