Friday, July 25, 2014

Football? Football

Above are pictures of me and Hui Yee attempting to reenact the poster for The Fault in Our Stars after the exhausting futsal match with classmates last week. Though it didn't turn out as planned, since the pictures are more like our shameless and gratuitous selfies in the middle of the futsal pitch instead of what was in the poster.

I don't usually write about my personal thoughts in this blog. If I'm not mistaken, the last post that I've written that relates to my personal feelings was a post regarding last year's election. However, after countless nights of watching the FIFA World Cup 2014, I've decided that I should write something about it.

Believe it or not, I actually stayed up for nights to watch the FIFA World Cup 2014. From the preliminary rounds to the quarter finals, then to the semi finals and lastly the grand finale. I was unexpectedly hardcore about watching football this time; even I myself couldn't believe it. Well, I used to play inter-class football matches back in high school but I had not watched any football matches on screen before this year's World Cup. There are several reasons that I was constantly doing this extraordinary act for nights through the whole month, causing my eyes to become red, risking my lungs and even damaging my brain. I feel so unhealthy now.

1. Addiction
Ever since I watched the first match which was Brazil VS Croatia, I kind of got addicted to the thrill that I experienced watching the match. The nervous feelings got even stronger when none of the teams scored, there was extra time and even penalties. Furthermore, I really love the moment when your favourite team shoots into the goal and the whole bunch of people watching with you in the living room begin shouting and cheering together. This addiction is just growing day by day. Right now, I already can't wait for the FIFA World Cup 2018 which will be held in Russia. By that time, I will be studying in the UK and I don't have to wake up at midnight just to watch the games anymore.

2. Social
Like I just said, I will be studying in the United Kingdom, and this is (hopefully) going to happen in September next year. As you can see, I want to study there as soon as possible. In England and also most of the other European countries, they all are very into football. From what I heard from others, one of the best ways to build up a conversation with the locals may be the topic of football. Despite doing this for social purposes, I actually gained a lot of knowledge about football through watching the World Cup. For instance, the rules of football, the winning history of different teams, and the names of some iconic footballers, etc.

3. Hot guys and girls
Admit it, who doesn't? I remember back in high school, my math teacher told me that questions related to sports seldom come out. This is because not many students know the specifics of sports like football. She seemed kind of pissed off about the fact that students don't watch football and told us that there are a lot hot guys in the field. She was like, "if that's not the reason to watch football then what is?" I will never forget her reaction. Indeed, there are loads of hot footballers in the pitch and hot girls in the audience. Neymar is like my #1 football star crush now and we share the same birth date hehe.


Anyway, I'm having an one week Raya holiday now. Gonna utilize this holiday to study for my AS trials and probably do a few updates on my blog. I apologize for not blogging lately. A-levels is getting serious. To all the A-levels kids out there, I'm sure you're feeling the overwhelming stress currently. Good luck and study well! Last but not least, Happy Hari Raya!

Thong Jean 


Nikki said...

Haha, that pic is too cute :) & ah, I'm so sad the World Cup is over.. it helped me kill time and stay excited !:) That's nice that you will be studying in UK soon- I'd like to pursue a master's degree there if possible. What will you be studying there?& Haha, you do have to admit, the guys and gals there do look really good-looking ;) X

Chic Nikkie

Thong Jean said...

Hey Nicole! I'll probably study Economics or Accounting and Finance! Just visited your blog, I love all your outfits! Nice to meet you :D

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