Monday, September 1, 2014

Flower City

photos by Chong Joeyee

Don't be Naked top, DIY distressed jeans, Agape Boutique heels, Skagen watch, Topshop backpack)

Finished my AS trials last Friday and am having a one-week holiday now. Sounds great, yet a bigger challenge is ahead of me - finals are in a month's time. And hey, September's here. It's insane to realize how fast time flies without us noticing. Recently, watched a movie called Lucy, I'm sure most of you guys have heard of this movie. I loved this movie so much that I actually watched it twice in the same day. 

"Time is the only true unit of measure,  it gives proof to the existence of matter; without time, we don't exist." This line inspired me so much. Appreciating every moment and living it. I'm really disgusted by people who idle their days away and still complain that there is not enough time and life is unfair etc.. Now, you know how it is important to mingle around with positive people rather than negative people. 

Let's talking about this outfit. These pants are actually from H&M and they were distressed by me. I saw that the trend of distressed jeans is going viral nowadays and it's funny that the more distressed it is, the more expensive. So I thought why not make one by myself. Though I was really uncertain and doubtful about my skills of cutting cloth, I love the outcome and I'm kind of proud of myself!

PS: It was Malaysia's Independence day yesterday! Here to wish my country, happy Independence day! 

Thong Jean


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