Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Sparkling Valentine

You could say that February is my favourite month. Not only does my birthday fall on this month, but we also have both Western and Chinese's Valentines in one month; well, the latter depends on the Lunar calendar. Either way, February is a month filled with love. That brings me to my question: This Saturday, what are your plans? No matter if you are a single or in a relationship, I think it's always great to pamper yourself with a little gift.  

JEOEL, a jewellery brand I recently discovered, has the prettiest jewellery pieces. I first came across this brand while looking for some nice dainty rings. I was amazed by the design of the jewellery.  It is whimsical, fun and most importantly, easy to mix and match with daily wear. After doing some research, I found out that the jewellery pieces are genuine gems, which are supposed to symbolise the sincerity of the gift giver. They are all made in 925 sterling silver and plated with either rhodium, yellow gold or rose gold.  JEOEL is a third generation of the jewellers, DeGem group which is a well-known jeweller in Asia. 

What's even more awesome is I had the chance to work with them, and share their range of absolutely gorgeous jewellery with you guys! This series of pictures were taken at Coffea Coffee at Bangsar where I got to try some of their freshly-brewed coffee.
Caffe Latte Maestro is the house's signature coffee
The environment in Coffea Coffee was so cozy, and the scent of caffeine wakes you the minute you walk in. The decorations and general ambience is so lovely, not only perfect for my photoshoot, but also perfect for avid Instagrammers.

During the photoshoot, I got to try on a lot of beautiful jewellery pieces. One of the cutest pieces was the Teddy Love Pendant. It features a teddy bear holding on two 'balloons' which are attached to your ear. The design is so unique, I have never seen anything like that before. Plus, girls love teddy bears, and being able to wear them on our ears, need I say more?

Green Tea Latte; if you love green tea as much as I do, then you'll love this drink!

In the picture above, I am wearing the Love Is All Around Rings, and I can't think of a better name for it. The design are small hearts that join together to form a ring. It is dainty and modest, and most importantly, easy to match with casual clothes. It is definitely something I would wear every day since it is more subtle. 

Style tip: Stacking rings can be a chic way of styling them, which is how I usually do it. 
One of the more unique sets is called Origami Trinity. The designs for the necklaces are inspired by origami folding techniques. It gives an edgy look yet elegant enough to wear for formal events. 

Style tip: You can easily spice up a plain, simple shirt by layering necklaces, but still maintain that minimalistic look. 
For freedom lovers, the Let's Fly jewellery set would be the ideal choice, inspiring you to embrace your freedom every day. This line of jewellery is all about swallows and is a very Tumblr kind of style. Usually swallow necklaces only feature one swallow, but this necklace's design features multiple and the effect is quite eye-catching. A good conversation starter.

Avocado Mocha with Ice Cream; before this, I never thought avocado could be made into a beverage, but I have to say it tasted really good! 
One very nostalgic set was Storytime Rings and Charms, which brought me back to my childhood when I watched Disney Princess shows everyday. The coloured bits are made of enamel. They are all in 3D which made it super fun to wear them. For guys, it's a lovely gift to girlfriends to show them that you treat her like a princess. For girls, these rings can easily be paired with a simple lace top to give you a sweet yet chic Valentine's Day look; and don't forget to put on some pendants to complete your look! 
I especially love the Merry-Go-Round charm in the picture above. You can actually spin the charm, how awesome is that? Furthermore, these charms can be added to your bracelet according to your likings. 
In the picture above, I'm wearing the Philanthropist and Star Stylist pendants. Moonstone (the white one) is the symbol of wisdom, and has a natural optical effect called adularescence, a dreamy moon-like sheen that hovers above the surface. Amethyst (the purple one) is the symbol of devotion, and is also the gemstone for February which makes it my kind of gemstone. 
Here I am wearing the Cupid and Cupid & Chocolate charms together. The Cupid & Chocolate charm especially is so pretty. A good news for you guys, it is at a special discounted price everyday for the first 10 shoppers. Not only will it appeal to a girl's love for jewellery, the design also stands out from typical jewellery pieces. So guys, you know what to do right?
After trying everything, I have to say that the We Caught Love Rings is my favourite piece. It has this rope-like intricate design which is so lovely! It is also delicate and dainty like the Love is All Around Rings, perfect for adding a subtle amount of bling to your outfit. 

photos by Eunice Chew, Vichy Lim and Terrence Choong

In one day, I have fallen in love with so many jewellery pieces. Each of them are unique and beautiful in their own way, suitable for all different kinds of outfits and events. For someone like me, that is important because I think jewellery is an important element in completing my outfit. Even a plain, simple top can easily become unique with the aid of the right jewellery. 

So, for guys who are having trouble looking for gifts for your plus one this Valentine's, or even girls who just want to spoil themselves a bit this year,  JEOEL is definitely a website you should visit. There are so many things to choose from, and did I mention you don't have to compromise with the prices for these dreamy pieces? All the items I've written are connected to the link. Feel free to click on it to obtain further details. 

Thong Jean


Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous Jean. A natural beauty always look good even without the aid of the jewellery. My eyes caught on to some of the jewellery like Love Is All Around Rings, simple yet classy. Now I can pamper myself by buying one of those or to comfort myself for being single on Valentines ? </3

Siao麻雀 said...

I always take notice on Amethyst jewellery because it's the gemstone of my month too,this design looks perfect compared to others :) love the swallows set and Storytime Rings and Charms series too,didn't heard before this unique jewellery brand until I came across this post!
The Teddy earrings are SO SPECIAL and I suddenly felt like having my ear pierced!and you also made me wanna go out to have a cup of coffee in this night :( Bad jean :(

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Charmbracelets are so much love!!

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