Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the woods

Dress from Magazine Boutique , shoes from Agape Boutique

I'm in the process of blogging all the photoshoots I did before I dyed my hair from brown back to black. And this blog post is one of them. I wanted to clarify it, just in case of any confusion. I want my hair to be healthy and be in the colour that it originally is. 

I shot this series of pictures at Botanical Garden, again. This place has been my utmost favourite place to shoot in Kuala Lumpur. People often ask me questions like "you really like to shoot outdoors, don't you?"  when they first read my blog. The reason why is probably because of the natural lighting that I'm always fond of.  However, the amount of mosquitoes bites I have after each session is terrifying. I had scratches and blemishes all over my body and I couldn't help but to get rid of some photos since it was a pain in the ass to edit or remove the blemishes. 

Most of the people here at Botanical Garden are either having picnics or jogging. I received a few weird stares from the joggers. I reckon it's because of the high heels I was wearing. Despite of the height of the heels, I must say that I didn't feel unstable when wearing them. I guess it was because of the ballerina-ribbon-looking flexible straps giving some balance to the heels. Does that even make sense? 

Photographed by Hui Yee Teo, editing by me. 

Lim Thong Jean 


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