Thursday, December 17, 2015

2 Cooks 1 Kitchen's Granola

My bff (or BFFLz, our esoteric term), Vivienne and her boyfriend are my new favourite love birds. When it comes to issues related to relationships, I believe a healthy relationship is one where both individuals are able to make each other the best version of their true selves. Vi and her boyfriend are the epitome of what I believe in. From what I've seen, they are supportive and often give constructive advice to each other. They also assisted each other in their studies whilst they were doing A-Levels, and the best part? They are even going to the same university. 

Since they are currently having a long break before entering uni, like I currently am, they created an Instagram account called @2Cooks1Kitchen. The name of this account itself is super adorable, isn't it? It displays all the gourmet food they make together. Mouth-watering, good-looking food. Recently, they brought the account to a whole new level by commencing a business selling homemade granola. Knowing the fact that it's dairy-free and sugar-free, I've bought three packets so far. It's so addictive that I've already finished all of my purchases, need to restock ASAP!

If you're interested in acquiring some, please visit their Instagram or Facebook page. If you live in KL, they are even able to deliver to your doorstep.

Lim Thong Jean


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