Saturday, January 30, 2016

Autumn in my heart

October 22, 2015, Okayama Japan 

Spending the last autumn in Japan was indeed a truly wondrous experience. It was my third time in Okayama and every time I visit Japan I'm always grateful to be able to bring some good memories back home. There's an activity here which they call "leaf peeping"- to witness the foliage change colour especially during autumn. It was spectacular to observe these leaves transition from rich green to furious red or mustard yellow. I had a stroll at this park after touching down from the plane and it was an incontestable fact that I would have a great time there.

More blog posts related to my Japan trip will be up soon. Stay tuned! On a different note, I will be doing a Q&A session, not sure whether it will be on the blog or my YouTube channel. But anyway, ask me questions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook  or comment on the blog post with the hashtag #AskThongJean or tag me @thongjean. You can also suggest whether I should answer it on the blog or make a video instead. The questions can be general ones or be as quirky as possible.  I look forward to all your questions! Disclaimer: Anonymous quesiton-asking is prohibited. 

Lim Thong Jean 


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