Thursday, June 14, 2012

Black Magic

( photos taken by 'her', edited by me , candles a/nd light from Ikea )

This is a repost (i posted this yesterday actually , but some serious problems with the html layout occured, so im reposting it ) Goin for a movie soon,First Time, 第一次 (Starring Angelababy &赵又廷, just hit the theatres today :D) Currently chilling in starbucks with him (to steal the wifi xD) 

So I've been forcing  myself to finish editing this series of picha by yesterday night . My girl friends
were hastening me for delaying the release of this group of photos since I've already uploaded the preview photo of Black Magic on my facebook page. And voila , finally ! Here it is .  Inspiration from the ronowned musical : The Phantom of the Opera.

I dont really use facebook as often as I did last time , even when I use , I'll check my facebook page first then only , my profile . So guys , feel free to check out my facebook page here . All updates of my blog will be announced there . Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuucccccccccch :)

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With love , 

Thong Jean . 


Yuen Loong said...

Who has special photoshoot inspirations n ideas like you do? (What's your brain made of?)

Thong Jean said...

loong ! like you do !

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