Monday, June 18, 2012

Blooming 20th

It's Monday, and I cant believe it. It's the second week since school reopened. I still miss the school holidays. It was awesome. Apart from the Singapore trip, photo shoots, gathering etc.. A performance was presented by my school's 24 Festive Drums Society  to celebrate their  20th founding annivesary! The concert was named : Blooming 20th. The performance was really good, incredible and daringly-creative choreography and drum forms. There was a mix of other elements such as the Chinese traditional dances, beatbox, drumsets and of course, the 24 Festive drums! I bet those who didnt watch , are surely to regret for not goin ! 

I was actually having 2 Zhong's gathering ( form 2 class gathering ) since that morning till the evening. Watched Snow White and the Huntsman with them , I love that movie a lot, seriously. Loved the scene , the princess ( Kristen Stewart) and the evil queen ( Charlize Theron) ! Charlize Theron, she's so pretty !!!! Okay back to the Blooming 20th . The gathering ended at 6 sth , and I headed to school right after that to meet him . It was quite early when I arrived. Met him face-to-face, wheee , haven't seen him for like 12 days awww. He was wearing a Uniqlo's Mickey Mouse tee , so cute haha . He had work to do , so he went back to backstage after chatting a while with him. 

I went there too early ... too early that there was no one I knew to talk to, feeling so lonely :( But after few minutes , a familiar face appeared in front of me ... SIEW PEI WEN ! Oh my gosh , I love you girl !! haha !! I was really really really so happy to see her. Then, we were strolling around the school, complaining why did the school chop the 变形湖's trees off , spoiled the romantic atmosphere of the变形湖 ! argh ! 
Reached there too early so ... selca-ing to kill time ! haha 
Not really sure should I upload this picha 'cause "da xiao yan" omgggggggggggg , i hate it . But I believe no one will actually notice it if I dont mention it right ? So yea, 拿石头砸自己的脚。。。。
My legs looked so skinny at here ! *happy* How I wished it was real in real life. 
( wearing inner dark blue singlet from Uniqlo , white long sleeves shirt, bought it online , Forever 21's skirt , Van's leopard sneakers  ) The sneakers I actually bought it in Taiwan . Excluding the days I wore them in Taiwan , this is my first time wearing it in Malaysia . Love this pair of sneakers alot , 'cause its leopard patterned , and I haven't seen it in Malaysia yet . 
Before the show started , selca-ing with the ticket he bought for me XD

Next , let's enjoy the artistic pictures photographed by Wai Leong and Song Yong Low ! :
The emcees , Yuen Loong and Member ! You looked so fair at here that you actually have the potential to become my vampire haha ..
He and the very dedicated 24 Festive Drums coach . 
The group photo !
The performers of the night did a really great job. A vibrant night with breathtakingly strict up-to-beat coordination between the large number of performers, ear canals reverberating and vibrating throughout the entire performance. Each and every time the performers ended each piece with their last drum strike...simultaneously....the split-second moment of vacumm silence right after, was....heart-stopping indeed...followed by a tumultous applause by the audience. Thanks to the wonderful, highly-spirited drummers, dancers and performers for such a triumphant performance. I am dead sure u guys practised day and nights, went through tough times and tight moments, months and months of physically taxing practices, all for a huge night. I can feel that it was really difficult. Salute! You've all done a really great job. Your perseverance hardwork are all worth it. A memorable night!

PS : Appreciate Chinese culture , appreciate the culture our ancestors have left for us on this land . 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Walk by purposely...xD
I really feel regret that I missed the Bloomimg 20th performance. What a sad case. D;

Thong Jean said...

I thought u went ! ahh , u should have watched it ! but well , it's okay , we'll just wait for another 20 years haha XD ( or maybe 10 years )

Anonymous said...

wa wa ! new shirt ah xP so fast

Thong Jean said...

haha yeaaa XD

Mandy said...

i really regret too. after i read ur post which u wrote vividly

Thong Jean said...

i thought you went too ! nvm , we'll just have to be patient , wait for the next 20 years... XD

Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...
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Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

20 years seems too long for me...
But I think time goes fast! xD

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