Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nikon1 J1

taken by me okay ? not an image from other websites . :)
So, this Sunday I went to CEX (Cameras & Electronics Expo) @ Viva Home with Vichy . It was said that this expo is the largest camera expo in Malaysia . So how could I miss it ? 
Vichy and I decided to go together after knowing this through the papers. You'll be able to see the advertisement of this expo in almost every newspaper (made us wanted to go so badly ) . This expo is on for 3 days, 10th of Aug 2012 (Friday) until 12th of Aug 2012 ( Sunday ) . Only three days . And we had school on every Saturday . So Sat was a NONO for us . We could only go on Sunday . 

I reached there quite early . Waited for Vichy at a restaurant as she was still sleeping !  Nothing to shop there, only furniture , as it's named Viva Home , fml = = .  It's my first time being here thou .

And when she reached here , we went into the expo together . 
The expo was full of various brands of cameras , camera gadgets and of course camera models ( hotties XD) As Im a very wise consumer , I was having dilemma choosing which cameras to buy . We didnt actually plan to buy cameras at first , we just came here to participate in the photography contest . I was eyeing on Fujifilm X100 , Olympus OM-D or Nikon 1 . Loads of cameras were on promotion . So it was indeed worth to buy any cameras in the expo .  Bought a tripod stand at price RM50 ! 
Then , later we went to Gardens restaurant to have high tea. ( Before that , we actually had coffee at Starbucks. ) Took plenty of nice photos at there . But you guys know what ? When I got back home , I accidentally deleted all the photos taken on that day ! fml ! Argh , you know how sad is that for me ? All the photos were deleted in just one shot, poof! All gone . It's like one second ago , you had all the photos in your hand but then , all vanished the next second . I've tried to use a data recovery software , but failed :( how sad . 

Moving on, back to expo after high tea.
Decided to buy Nikon 1 J1 at the last minute actually after contemplating for so long . I chose white because I think white is very cute and classy for Nikon 1 J1 . was so happy until I could die .  Vichy took a lot of photos of me rejoicing my new baby camera . I smiled so broad and couldnt wait to post them up . But haih , miserable things as I mentioned above happened . So yea , all photos gone .  

I can only post how does my new baby look like at here . 
taken by me . 
It came with leather casing. If I'm not mistaken , this leather casing for this camera can only be found at this expo ! wheee , my new baby looks so vintage by wearing its leather shirt haha .
Pictures of me selca using Nikon 1 J1 ! :
I edited the colour a bit for this picha above .
trust me ! no edits at all for the pichas below ! 
Nikon 1 J1 is so light until I can selca by lying on the sofa raising my hand high high .
The pink Nikon 1 J1 looks cute too ! 

I think I will use this new baby more often during outings with friends rather than DSLR . 'Cause it is light and more convenient and most importantly , it has almost the same functions as DSLR !

p/s: Vichy and I planning am to buy Fujifilm X100 in two years time when the price drops ! Oh yea , for those who asked me what type of model camera I usually use --- it is Canon 550D  :) 
p/p/s : It's school holiday now ! Wheeeee :) 


Unknown said...

envy envy xD
btw, how much was it?

Thong Jean said...

1.5K and above :)

Anonymous said...

Buying at the expo is it cheaper than its usual price ?

Thong Jean said...

hmmmmmm, there're definitely promotions and may include some promotion gifts that are only available in the expo :)

Thong Jean said...

* for example , the leather casing

Unknown said...

aihks. den nvm, broke.

Thong Jean said...

but it's very worth to buy

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