Friday, August 24, 2012


We've been friends since std 4 in primary school . And we call ourselves together as BFFLz -- Best Friends Forever Life . After 7 years , we're still us . Though we are not in the same secondary school , but we still manage to meet up every school holiday . We'll catch up on everything . I appreciate the bond between us . When Im typing this , I feel like crying . I've never known a friendship could be so strong . We've been through quite a lot things compared to other best friends, I think. Of course , we have quarrels sometimes but we'd fix it .

Above : Had a mini photoshoot with them at Wern's house .Her uncle , a professional photographer was so kind to help us snap pictures .  I actually wore Wern's clothes and I love the floral skirt ! 
This is the photoshoot we did when we're 12 at a wedding shop . We're goin to do other photoshoots when we're 16 ( this year end ) , 21 and so on . 
Picture from Nathalie's Dropbox . Packed in a tupperwear nicely for us :)
Well , I didnt have much gathering this holiday . Basically , I just had the only gathering which is with them . This Wednesday , we went to Wern's house, our usual gathering place. But this time , we didnt stay overnight. On that day , we went to Kenaga Wholesale City together . It was all our very first time being there, spent our sweet time together shopping around and we bought lots of stuffs , A lot ~  In the latter, we got back to Wern's house to have dinner , and RAINBOW CAKE baked by Nat as dessert . *yum yum *

Oh yea , tips for you all if u plan to go KWC : Remember to bring a bunch of friends so that you all can buy many stuffs from a same shop and get more discounts. 

Lastly ,
 BFFLz    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 


Noelle. =) said...

Ahh I recognize Nathalie! I really admire such a strong bond :) I hope your friendship with them will last for a lifetime :D

Thong Jean said...

Aww thanks Noelle :) !

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