Tuesday, September 4, 2012


(Knitted top from KWC, grey inner singlet from FOS , pants from Thailand , Diva's bracelets, turquoise clutch from Hong Kong , Nose's heels)

photos by  father and my selca. 

Wearing knitted top that I've bought from Kenaga Wholesale City with my BFFLz that time . Love it so much that it's already the second time I'm wearing since then. It's just too comfy.  Easily works out matching with other items too . The selca pichas , I just simply love them. Mmmm just love the warm sunlight feel, moreover,  it made my skin looks so....good . The heels somehow look like a pair of black ballet flats. 

Oh and,  sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days. Was hardcore doing my HTML project with my teammates , An Shi , Vichy and Cherry . It indeed requires a lot of time . I should've  listened to my comp teacher about starting to do this project earlier but anyhow, our project turned out quite well .  Will blog about the project , Perhaps. 


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