Saturday, October 6, 2012

Film camera photos

Hey there :) To begin with, sorry for leaving my blog abandoned for almost a month. It's been 1 whole month! Oh my gosh, the last time I updated my blog was on September 9 , and it's already the 6th of October now ! Time flies really fast. Anyway, if you're from my school , Im sure you know the reason why I haven't been updating my blog for such a long time -- was having exam for the past 2 weeks until yesterday . Throughout the exam weeks, I couldn't stop thinking and planning of what should I blog after exam . I miss blogging so much .
Between , these are the photos I've shoot before the week of exams :
( Wine red hat from Taiwan , Romp's top )
Photographed by Wong Guan Yuan , make up by Cherry .

This series of photos was taken with Nikon F 50mm f1.4 , it is a vintage film camera . The bokeh was surprisingly good - the background is like literally blur . Im impressed by those old film cameras yet still can achieve such good photos and there are no filters nor edits at all ! 

PS: As what I've mentioned above , yesterday was the last day of exam . Loong and I went exploring KL after school ended. Not all about exploring KL of course due to time conditions. Just some parts of KL and shopping . We took a lot of photos . SO , just stay tuned ! 


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