Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New in my closet

It's been quite a while since I've done any shopping. Right after the final exam just a while ago, I get to shop twice up to now, which's considered quite a lot for me -- two out of four days. You know what, my legs are really worn out right now. I feel like having a leg massage machine for my birthday present next year lol . I'm sure I would use it very often if I have one. I could massage my legs after shopping / running / volleyball-ing and while watching tv.  Furthermore , I might even gain slim legs after using it haha lol . Hey , im out of topic .. 

Okay,  Im just totally in love with all these items I've bought , especially the shorts , this shorts is what I always dreamed of. I ordered this from @thehangovercloset before my exam weeks and I couldnt wait for the parcel to arrive at my house throughout the weeks . I was just too eager to have it .  Finally , the parcel arrived yesterday ! I was really very excited . I wore it straight away and went out with mom . I'm bold to say that this post is one of my most efficient posts ever . Got it yesterday , and blogged it on today!

( Top , necklace, satchel  from SGW , gold plated belt from KWC , shorts from @thehangovercloset on instagram , cambridge shoes from Vincci )

Oh yes , I love the belt too . It's very elegant and very easy-matching with other clothes . I could simply match it with either formal dresses , casual dresses or even some shorts and skirts .
Photos taken by mama 
Just an outfit post , I hope you guys like it :)
Love , 
Thong Jean 


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