Tuesday, October 30, 2012


( Stripe jacket from Sunway Pyramid , singlet from Forever 21 , skinny jeans from Thailand , boots from Taiwan , rings bought from Ikano  )

Photos by Yuen Loong , edited by me .

Went to a special place with Loong, beautiful swaying paddies in the wind, keep calm and feel love in the air :)

I finally managed to squeeze out some time for blogging , finally . Recently, I have a lot of volleyball training after exams and I became so tanned right now . I cant wait for my 美白计划 after all the volleyball competitions lol . 
Remember what I've mentioned in KL trip post ? I said I cant join the Japanese students exchange thing right ? But now , good news for me , the competition is postponed to Thursday so that means I can attend the Japanese students exchange event which is on tomorrow ! Im kinda excited ! 

Oh yea , just went to Big Bang Alive Tour Concert last Saturday and I cant wait to show you guys the photos I've taken at there ! Sincere call out to all my lovely and kind readers : stay tuned :) 

PS :There are so many blog posts waiting for me to post them up , arghhh !! 

Love , 
Thong Jean 


Yuen Loong said...

speechlessly.. beautiful... :)

Thong Jean said...

thank you so much dear :) *love*

Anonymous said...

Hi , could i ask u something about Nuffnang ? what is it all about ? cause i saw many bloger uses it in their blog too . *Curious-ing* :P and is it FOC ?

Thong Jean said...

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