Saturday, October 27, 2012

These Baroque Printed Shorts

( Top and baroque printed shorts from Sungei Wang , Inner singlet from Uniqlo , Van's leopard sneaker , Casio Vintage watch )

Photos by Yuen Loong

Hey you readers! just so you'd know, these Baroque shorts are my love ! Back then at first I was actually having a dilemma of whether I should buy this shorts or not. ( you know girls think a lot..) So I asked the Loong for his opinion. He said it would suit me very well. Hence .... what happened next I guess you know it. Haha . All the photos are taken at KLCC park , after my school ended . That's why I looked quite tired and no make up ! ( well , I hardly ever make up that often though ) 
Anyway , I just love love love these baroque shorts ! I'll definitely wear them very much often.

Love , 
Thong Jean


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