Saturday, October 20, 2012

On The Last Day of Exam .

This post should be done earlier ago . Im sorry about that but Im sure you guys will forgive me right ? hehe .

Well , on the last day of exam , Loong and I decided to do a bit of exploring in Kuala Lumpur . This is something that sounds very interesting and appealing to both of us . Furrthermore , we're fed up of visiting shopping malls , u know , strolling most of the time . So I came up with this 'adventure' idea . And of course , not the whole KL we went to explore , just a small part . KL is so big yet we had so little time . It was quite tiring 'cause we kept walk walk walk and took public transport . Didnt take much street photo though 'cause we were aware of the snatch thieves. 
So let me show you guys the routes we went through via photos :

First stop : Central Market 
My first time being at Central Market was on this year's Bersih . At the meantime , the second time that I 've been here was on the days before goin to Taiwan ( A trip to Taiwan with the school teams) to buy souvenirs . And this time , I came here with Loong because we wanted to buy souvenirs for the Japanese exchange students which will be on the 31st of Oct . BUT, sadly that day Im having a volleyball competition so I doubt I could attend the programme :/
After Central Market , we walked walked walked to Petaling Street .. In the middle of the road , took photo with Jalan Tun H.S.Lee sign . 
Went into a shop , selling all types of Iphone cases but none of them I like . Posted this photo because I like my natural curvy hair :) 

Had brunch at Purple Cane at Chinese Assembly Hall . It's my first time dining at Purple Cane and I love their food so much <3 All the food are cooked with tea leaves (well, most of it? love the rice) . 
Peace . 

From the Chinese Assembly Hall we took Monorail to Hang Tuah station . 
While waiting for the monorail to arrive. 
Every where is Lana Del Rey ...<3

When we reached Hang Tuah station , we walked.. walked...and walked..we did to Kenaga Wholesale City , it's about 0.8km from there . Thanks to Google Map , it was very convenient .
Bought this specs and other stuffs at Kenaga Wholesale City. Do I look good in this specs ? XD

Next stop , Mid Valley. And here are some pics taken at there.
It was a very memorable trip . My legs were worn-out that day . I kept persuading my parents to buy me a foot massage machine for my Christmas present or birthday present LOL haha XD Thanks to my Loong for accompanying me for the whole day carrying all my stuffs and even escorted me home ! Love ya ♥

Oh yea , my outfit of the day : Singlet from Forever 21 , jacket from Sunway Pyramid , Skinny Jeans from Thailand , Boots from Taiwan , Papa's men belt , bag from Cotton On. Wore quite boyish and casual that day 'cause I thought of we were goin to a lot places so comfort is first priority to be considered
That's all for now .
Thong Jean . 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

This post was great! (≧▽≦)
I wonder how you went to Mid Valley after visiting Kenanga Wholesale City?

Thong Jean said...

Thank you ! Good question ( i forgot to mention about that XD ) ! By taxi , 'cause my legs were really worn-out .

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