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Big Bang Alive Tour Live in Malaysia

Why so serious ?
Hey there :) Before blogging about my dark-pink hair dye procedure , I would like to blog about Big Bang Alive Tour Concert first :P This is a post that should've been be done earlier ago. Im so sorry . But ! " Never mine" , I said to myself . We are never too late right ? 

Okay , you guys know what happened on 27th October 2012 ? It was Big Bang Concert live in Malaysia for the very very first time ! Oh my gosh , I've been waiting for this day soooooo long since last year , and , finally . I attended the Korean Music Wave concert last year at the exact same venue. During that time only Seungri , G-Dragon and T.O.P. came ! Big Bang didnt really have their own concert that had all the members of Big Bang attending in Malaysia before this concert . I was waiting for Big Bang Concert anxiously until the announcement of confirmation - Big Bang concert live in Malaysia . Who knows , my brother had already bought a ticket for himself for Big Bang concert in Singapore ! HUH , never call me . I hate him from the bottom of my heart since that . Well , it was very hard to get tickets for the concert . So I actually gave up . Until.................. the organiser sold the tickets for the second time . And of course I managed to seize it. 
So I bought a total of 5 tickets . For me , Yuen Loong , my bro , Cherry and my bro's fren . 
photos from Big Bang official face-book
On that big day , it rained a lot . I actually planned to get there by 10 am . However , I had volleyball training in the morning. So I reached there at about 4 , if Im not mistaken.  Pity Loong ,  told him I would reach there around 2 so he came earlier than me and waited like 2 hours for me. Never seen a gf so late before .  Also , pity Cherry because we were suppose to watch the concert together but she was already queueing up in a ming-blowingly long stretched line (exactly what you see in the pic above) to get in before I came . So eventually , she had to watch alone . But she seemed to enjoy much though , she was at the very very front row , could see her GD's face clearly lol.  I felt guilty for being late so I took away fried rice from Purple Cane for her . How good I was  ? hahaha XD 

 The crowds were already very flooding tremendously that time and I preferred not to squeeze with them in line.  Thus , I had my dinner+lunch with Loong at Purple Cane first . ( But no pics for my lunch and dinner XD )
After eating , back to Stadium Merdeka there. Mingled around at a spacious car park while waiting for the gates to open.  
Loong said a lot of passers kept noticing my hair accessories -- my skeleton hair pins . I bought these skeleton hair pins from Sungei Wang . I've been searching for these skeleton hair pins since the release of GD's Crayon MV , thanks for Cherry and Vichy for telling me where to buy . GD STYLE !
US .
Then I started to spot some people with nice hairs lol . Mostly are pink hair I spotted . Too nice !!! 
I kept spotting hair colours until I spotted a lavender-like white colour hair . Very familiar , I thought . Then when I looked closely ... Omg , it's Ashley from !  After that , I took pichas with her . Love her studded cap . I posted our picture on Instagram and she commented " Nice to meet you ". She even posted our picture and other readers picture whom she met on Big Bang Concert on her blog post . She's just so friendly and pretty. Love her charisma :) 
Queued up for the blue lights and badge . My brother bought this Crown Light for me from Big Bang Concert in Singapore . At least , I still got a souvenir from him . Singapore selling $ 35 equivalent to RM 91 that time , Malaysia selling RM 80 . Argh ! 
pic from
While the crowds were waiting at outside of the stadium , Big Bang was actually undergoing their final rehearsal . Ashley got the rehearsal pass , how lucky she was !! 

And finally...
Finally got into the stadium . 
It was raining heavily before the show started . Just like every one had expected yet we still hoped the rain would stop in no time . Outside the stadium , loads of stalls selling raincoats. Good that I didnt buy from them , 'cause the organiser was so caring , they supplied raincoats free for us.  
I was so scared that the crown light might spoil because of the rain lol. Fortunately, it didn't.  the shell was pretty much water resistant. good manufacturing.  
And the show began!  Panaroma pics from Big Bang official facebook.
When singing Blue , our blue lights ♥
Pic from
What can I say ? The concert was amazing , no doubt , of course . It was our first time watching concert together apart from SOS concert and Lee Hom's concert . ( SOS is our school's 歌创学会 concert ;During  Lee Hom's concert , I sat with my family and he sat with his family ) I feel so grateful , thanks my parents so much for the tickets :)
After concert . Got our pictures printed on the badges ! Nice right ?

So now let's enjoy the photos I grabbed from ,  credits all to her . She was using her Samsung Galaxy SIII to take these pictures , if Im not mistaken . 
GD wearing Givenchy ! Saw this top from Brayanboy's blog and the skirt from magazines before . I bet GD loves Givenchy a lot . 

Pictures below all from Big Bang official facebook .
Tae Yang !
TOP , this pic is too cool .
I love this picture the most . 
All the pictures taken by Big Bang official facebook were just too beautiful to be true . 

Oh yea , kinda sad to see a lot of people who attended Big Bang concert holding other colours of lights instead of the particulars . Besides that , during Blue ,  not all the audience were holding blue lights lol. ( You can see from the pictures ) 

PS:  I dont get why people still smoke during the concert . I dont get why cant they control their smoking . Even during concert also smoke ? Well , I have to state I dont hate smokers but I definitely hate those smokers who smoke in public . Cant they care for those people who dont smoke ? It's effing unfair for WE who dont smoke still need to inhale those second-hand smoke . I certainly dont respect u all . Plus , smoking is bad for health okay ? Why dont u guys still wanna smoke even it's bad for health ? I really dont get why.


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Sofa! x)
What an attracting concert post I ever seen! Keep on posting more intresting posts.
I'm so looking forward to it.
Always support you. :D

Thong Jean said...

Thank you Shin Rong ! Thanks for all the supports !
I'll try my best , keep posting and sharing on my blog !

by the way , sofa means?

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Sofa means 沙发 in chinese as you know but the one I type is some sort of internet language.
It means the first one who comment on a post or photos.
They all generally will type "沙发" if he/she is the first person who comment but I think mostly appear on chinese website.

It's my pleasure to be your friend and no need to say "BIG THANKS" to me, I will "paiseh". xD're welcome, my friend. =)

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haha i see XD


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