Wednesday, November 7, 2012


( Topman checked shirt , Forever 21 singlet and shorts , random boots bought online )

photos by my father , edited by me and me selca . 

Outfit of the day :) Was wearing this Topman checked shirt borrowed from my Loong . It's so comfy and I'm loving it . Last week , I went into a Topman shop in Pavillion and I realise some of the clothes and accessories we girls can wear . It would turn out great . The rings are awesome , I felt like getting one but to my dismay, all the sizes are too big for me . For girls , we need to get extra small size of men clothes . Oh and yes , if you guys guessed it correctly , the pictures (except the last one ) were taken infront of Stadium Kelana Jaya . Just randomly snapped some pics there when I was on the way coming back from Setia City Mall in Shah Alam. Last but not least , hope u guys love my boyish look ? Not really boyish , anyway. haha

Thong Jean


Anonymous said...

May I ask about your camera?
What model is it?

Thong Jean said...

In this post , I was using Canon 550D . I'll use Nikon J1 sometimes , because it is smaller and more convenient . But most of the time I use Canon 550D . :DDD

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