Tuesday, November 27, 2012



(blue stripe top from Sunway Pyramid , FOS military green singlet , random shorts , boots from Taiwan ) 

photos by father 

Had a roadtrip with my parents last week to Tampin. I went on wikipedia to search about Tampin , it says that it's located along the Malacca-Negeri Sembilan border . So it belongs to both of these states , if Im not mistaken . Weird . I know . But I love that place ! We planned to go there last minute so it was quite late when we reached Tampin . Had some meals in random restaurants . The waiters and bosses of the restaurants were super friendly  ! There's a very famous dried noodle shop there . Sadly , it didnt open on the day we went . My father said it was really good and all the people here know about this shop . We randomly asked a guy we met about where is the famous noodle shop located and he straight away answered without giving a thought . Must try it next time on my next visit if I have the chance :)

Oh and yes , Im was quite pissed off because I couldn't upload any pictures via google uploader during the past few days ! It showed me this :
what the eff right ?
I clicked into the link ' Upgade storage' , and it showed up I needa pay to get bigger storage . Arghhh , wasted my whole day to fix this uploading problem . In the end , I used back my abandoned flickr account . But there was a problem with my old account so I just created a new one. Finally and luckily , it worked .
That's the reason why I haven't been updating my blog for the past few days. 

Let's just forget about it . It is already fixed by the super clever , veryyyy genius and powerful me . haha XD

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Love , 
Thong Jean


lemonSid said...

TAMPIN! Near my hometown:D the dried noodles is very yummy,i think that's the shop that we usually go whn i go bec to hometown wif my family..When it wasnt open,we will eat at the second floor of the bus station behind the shop.also yummy dried noodles :)

Thong Jean said...

AHHHHHHH , I should inform you before I went there so that you could recommend me some nice places !! Sounds like Tampin is very famous with dried noodles yum yum !!

lemonSid said...

yeapyeap:)will eat that everytime we go back to hometown..
btw,my mom said,you can try to shoot rubber estate scene in palong,also near tampin,got countryside feel?but is malaysian-coutryside-stylexDD

Thong Jean said...

awwww thanks for your mom's suggestion ! will find a rubber estate to shoot if i have the chance ! i sure kena a lot mosquito bite de ! Im such a mosquito magnet :(

lemonSid said...

HAHAHHA..put mosquito repellent then..:D

Thong Jean said...

no use de :( my blood tooooooooooooooo yummy ..

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