Friday, November 30, 2012

Malacca trip with the girls photo diary

Went on a roadtrip to Malacca with my girls , Cherry and Vichy . Guess what , our surnames are the same ! Lim ! I didnt realise it actually , it was either Cherry or Vichy who mentioned about it . Three girls with the  identical surname - Lim went on roadtrip together , how exciting !

Few of you guys have asked me this question - how did we get there? Well , it was my father who sent us there and accompanied us all along . I know what you're thinking right now . Yes , my father accompanied us for like 16 hours and sent us back to Kuala Lumpur after that . I have the best father ever :) Love you papa ! So there were four Lim(s) in the car . Power of Lim's family . And as expected we had our own freedom there . We girls strolled around by ourselves while father waited us at a cafe or went for foot massage . 

Initially, we planned to stay for a night in Malacca but to our dismay , all the hotels were fully booked .

Received a lot of feedback when I posted my status about being in Malacca . Thank you for your  kind suggestions of excellent places to visit . But honestly , we didnt have much time .  Some more it was raining like cats and dogs that day , pissed us off lol . Must visit the places next time ! 

So generally, we spent most of our time in Jonker Street ,  Malacca City . 
First stop , lunch in this restaurant . Must try their rice balls . ( not sure the word 'rice balls' is correct or not )
Coming after lunch, we started our walking trip around Jonker Street.
I looked so fair here probably because of the nice natural sunlight. 
After that , we took a pause cooling ourselves with some Ice Kacang . 
Continued to stroll around Jonker Street after having our nice bowl of Ice Kacang and look what I've found . Lots of efforts & dedication are needed for these nicely-cut letters.
Then , #ootd pictures .
On the scent, we felt hungry and tired so stopped by at a tourist-must-visit coffee shop to have coffee and  durian cendols.  Relaxing.
Snapped some pictures here . Met a foreign guy who praised our coloured hair and gave me his name card .
With Cherry , her outfit was really striking . Rainbow colour . We bought our studded platforms together at Sungei Wang .
Visited A'famosa castle . 
After that , we went to Dataran Pahlawan to shop . We didnt shop much  though.
During night , we went to the pasar malam in Jonker Street . 
Bought some stuffs of course . Love this cute orang utan painting wall . 
It was 11 something at night and that we guess we'll call it a day and decided to go home . This is how we ended our Malacca trip . Had so much with them . Once again , I really thank my papa a lot :) I reached my home at 1 sth woah . 

Papa said that we should do some homework before visiting a place which was what we did not . There are still many places we hadn't the chance to visit and spent most of the time in Jonker Street . I really wanted to visit baba and nyonya this kind of cultural places . Also , I havent tried Malacca's layered cake yet . Hope I get to try it on my next visit in Malacca .

That's the end of this post . Hope you enjoyed !

Love ,
Thong Jean 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Is the foreign some kind of magazine's paparazzi? xD
I think you should try baba & nyonya dishes next time when you visit.
Three girls with dyed hair probably will attract people's vision.

Thong Jean said...

haha Im not sure XD His name card showed that he's someone relevant with education thinggy.
Yup , I always wanted to try !
Yea lor , a lot people kept looking at our hair XD soooo shy hahahaXD

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