Monday, December 3, 2012

Topshop Personal Shopping with Jane Chuck

As what I've mentioned in my previous post , I popped up Jane's Topshop Personal Shopping in the morning of last Saturday . I came to notice this event through her blog , obviously lol. The moment I spotted that the event was going to be happening in Midvalley's Topshop , I immediately informed my Loong to join too. Thus , I got to see my fav bloggers and Loong in a row ! Killed two birds with one stone haha .
Breakfast ! yum yum !
The hungry me just took one lil sandwich and a strawberry blanketed with chocolate and colourful sprinkles . I should take the orange juice too 'cause I was really thirsty . But peculiarly I didnt, dont know what was wrong with me .
An instant polaroid of us offered by one of the event's personnel . Love it !
With the star of the day : Chuckei ! This is the second time I've met her . The first time was at Churp Out 2012. Im so happy to meet/see her again . She's so pretty as always and very nice in person . Topshop even organized an event just for her , how incredible is she omg .  My face so fat here -.-75240_465290043517109_1029485824_n
Trying out the military camo jacket . I love it sooooo much ! However , I didnt buy it lol . Shopping in Topshop you need to have parents beside you or you must have a credit card with you, u get wad i mean? haha. Spotted sooo many items but I just couldnt buy it . So yeaaaaa .
Guess what ? I actually met a reader of mine , Kimberley Cassiopeia during this event ! How surprising ! She came to say hi and told me that she reads my blog . I immediately said " HAR?!" Really knocked me out haha . It was very nice to meet you :)
Right now , Topshop is having sales . For some items like the camo jacket, these shorts ,etc. , there's discount RM60 . In other words , the RM 316 camo jacket will be RM 256 after discount ! Really worth it . To all the Topshop fans out there , dont ever miss this big sales .
Then , time for Chuckei to present a trend talk . There's three kind of style that is seemingl gonna be the coming trend.
#1 Military style
Moving on , Chuckei chose three girls present to try on the coordinates styled by her .

And much awaited-ly : It's photo session ! It was a long queue to take a photo with Chuckei . Luckily I've already taken a photo with her .
A photo with Nat Saw ! I met her twice already and she's really friendly . She suggested my Loong to snap more photos and so that I could just choose the nicest photo to upload . Totally #girlsbeinggirls !
With Nana ! Also the second time meeting her ! I was flattered when she gave me a praise on my hair . Haha  my hair really attracts a lot of attention haha . I realised that the next time during photoshoots, I shall use some of my hair to cover my face so that I'll look slimmer . #girlsbeinggirls
Then I took a photo with Ashley too :) We chatted a bit . I told her we met at Big Bang concert before and she said she remembers me ! There was her bf by her side in this photo so that's to be considered that I've taken a photo with him before right ? haha .
Then , my Loong and I had our lunch at Delicious .
Goodie bag from Topshop . And see what's inside !
Topshop bracelets ! The left one is for my Loong but he gave it to me yay ! The price tags were still there . The left one is rm 46 , the right one is rm53 woah.

They displayed so matching with my watch ! It was so cool . Attended Topshop's event and you get to have gifts for free some more ! How good right !!
20% discount shopping voucher that could only be used on that day . What a waste for me . I didnt manage to buy anything .
Those bracelets really look good on me haha .
His pasta .
My pasta . I guess you guys know why I ordered this dish right ? So many mushroom oh my gosh yay ! *nom nom *

Well this was how I spent my morning and afternoon on the 1st of December 2012 . At night , I had a hip hop performance with my crew which I'm definitely gonna blog about it . So stay tuned !

Love , 
Thong Jean 


Anonymous said...

I saw yr picture written invited guest only .. Did they really invited u ? I wanted to go too but bc tat day .. Too bad :-( so happy can see yr picture of tat day ! :-D

Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

WoW! You become more famous Jean! Well done!
Owh...the pasta really makes my mouth water. =d
As you must know...Vichy also likes to eat mushroom. >.^

Thong Jean said...

All you just had to do was send an email to and u were able to become one of the "invited guests" . OH , you should go ! Thanks :)

Thong Jean said...

haha , not yet XD thanks !!
hehe , i didnt know vichy likes mushroom wor ! ??

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