Sunday, December 2, 2012

1st of December

( Mirrorcle by Tokyo Fashion grey sweather , vintage necklace from Sungei Wang )

photos by Yuen Loong

Yesterday , 1st of December 2012 was a very good day to start this month with . I couldnt manage to sleep well the night before . It could probably have been because I was too excited and nervous for the upcoming events I'm attending, meeting him and also meeting my all-time favourite blogger -- Jane Chuck . If you're following my instagram/twitter/page , you'd surely know about me , accompanied by my Loong , joining the exclusive Topshop Personal Shopping with Jane Chuck . I didnt see him for many days and I really miss him very much ! We only met for like 4 hours in the morning , it's honestly not enough lol . However , we both had errands to run so yeaa . Thus, saving it for the next date . After this , I rushed to Wisma Felcra for a dance rehearsal for the performance later that night . It was certainly a hectic but fulfilling day.

I actually wanted to finish blogging about my 1st of December with merely a post . But considering it will become an extremely long post which might be a pain for you guys to read , I decided to blog it separately . See how kind I am ? You are welcome .

PS : These pictures were taken before the event - Topshop Personal Shopping with Jane Chuck in the morning . Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts . hehe 

Love , 
Thong Jean 


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

You are lucky and I know it. xD
Nice photos...and stay sweet with your beloved ones.

Thong Jean said...

First to comment again Shin Rong !
Thank youuu !!! hehe

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