Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hello readers! I'm finally 17 years old! Although I'm super busy today and having 3 monthly exams tomorrow, but still I squeezed part of my time to update my blog just to mark this memorable day! This year's birthday was really awesome for me. I'm so glad that I have this crazy gang of girl friends and my Loong! They were really naughty. They were all such proficient actors, pretended as if they didn't put much thought on my birthday and somehow neglected it. In fact, Yuen Loong and the girls planned to give me a surprise.  I was absolutely shocked! You guys have succeeded! 

To begin with, I had no idea and was unaware about this plan at all. It was just like any other normal day for me in the morning. Not until...the first recess, when the bell rang, I went to the toilet to change for PE lesson. When I got back, Loong suddenly showed up infront of me, covered my eyes and led me to the cake. Every one was already there! Just a short while ago before i went to the toilet, it was a disappointing sight of none planning to celebrate for me. They acted so swiftly. I was pretty shocked! Before I even got my concious back, the birthday songs were sang in different types of version and languages by the girls and Loong. I was very touched. Really.
They bought the cake for me!
Birthday girl attempting to take off the candle using her mouth. It's sort of a ritual for everyone of us. When the birthday girl was paying her full attention on removing the candles from the cake, some one would purposely push her head. And the birthday girl will look like this in the end :
Yet I was still flashing a peace sign haha.

I really wanted to say a big thank you to Loong, to my girls and also to everyone of you who wished me Happy Birthday! Thank you guys for making this day so special for me :)

Thong Jean


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

So lucky that I can wish you in person by the early morning. Welcome to be one of the member of 17th teens! =D

Thong Jean said...

hahaha Thank you Shin Rong! 17-year-old girl liao! :)

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