Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hello everyone! I represent my blog on apologizing for having significant lack of updates lately. It's been really busy. I could hardly use a computer these days. Midterm exams just ended and right away came non-stop volleyball training which costed a big exhaustion of my energy. Whenever I get home after every training, straight I'll jump onto my comfy bed and sleep like nothing else in the world matters. Well, of course I did bathe first before I sleep.

I'm having 八独中球类赛 volleyball competition from Saturday till Wednesday. I moved into my school's hostel to stay close with my teammates on Friday, beginning my first 6-days4-nights-of-hostel-life. I'm so glad that my school's hostel actually does provide wifi so that I get to blog right now. The line is quite fast though. 
photos by mysterious photograher

{Giyongchy beanie- I'm selling (email me, Forever 21 tank top, random leather skirt, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Honey Bibi Closet denim jacket, Heels from Agape Boutique}

You know what, I really love those heroism type of movies. But I guess I shouldn't love it too much till the extent of letting it control my mind. However, everyone needs a hero. If I have had a chance, I would really love to be someone's hero haha. Other than that, I also love comic type of notebook. This tank top is the comic version of Avengers which is why I adore this tank top very much.

Anyway, it's holiday! Wishing everyone having a great holiday :)

Thong Jean


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