Sunday, May 12, 2013


photo by me and my mysterious photographer
( H&M basic top, shorts from Glamourous Times Square, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses)
(Ray-Ban Aviator , Acuvue colour contact lenses and normal transparent contact lenses)

If you're following my instagram, twitter or fb page, I guess you might realise that recently I just bought a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies. I had been longing for this Ray-Ban Aviator for a very long time. I told my father could I get a pair of sunnies after learning to drive instead of getting a car. Without a single moment of doubt, of course he was more than happy agree-ing to do so lol. When I told my friends about this, all of them said I've gone nuts already. Who would want a pair of sunnies instead of a car? Well, I do. There are already a few cars in my house and I think I can use any of them if I get permission from my parents. Other than that, I doubt that I will drive that often since I am just merely a high student. However, I've learnt that every driver in Malaysia should at least own a pair of sunglasses because the sun here is scorching hot and glaring to the eye. Just like today, I feel like my eyes were burning when I paid full attention on the road during driving lesson. Hence, owning of pair of sunnies sounds like the best idea for me. 

 I'm juggling two types of important exam now which is midterm and driving. I'm having midterms this week- from today ( Saturday) to the next Saturday. Two papers down and 14 more to go! Meanwhile, driving exam is on the 20th of May. Praying so hard to pass these two exams with flying colours. 

Oh and yes, I bought this Ray-Ban from my friend, Yuan Ru's family optical shop, Cambridge Optical. Not just that, I also bought some contact lenses. 

Mother's day is tomorrow! Here to share with y'all some Mother's day videos :

The going-to-kiss-but-suddenly-blackout that part damn funny right?

Hip Hop mommy!

 Last but not least, wishing everyone have a good weekend and happy Mother's day! 

PS: Might not be available to update my blog this week, don't miss me much :P

Thong Jean


Zευ§нsЯ ♚ said...

Nice post! Hope you'll archive good grades in your both exams. Last but not least, the second video was AWESOME! O.O

Thong Jean said...

Thank you Shin Rong! I know right, the second is way too awesome!!

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