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The General election in 2008 coincidented with my UPSR (Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah/ Primary School Evaluation Test) examination. This year, 2013, The long awaited General election is in the same year with my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia/ Malaysia Certificate of Education) examination

Every General election that I've gone through in my life met with both the important exams for my education in Malaysia.

In the year of 2008 when I was doing my Primary 6/ Grade 6, I started noticing politics under the influence of my Dad.

Whenever my dad took part in political/protest activities, due to ignorance and fear, I always tried my best to stop him from it.

Until the day when I, myself got involved in for the very first time..

The day when I participated in the Bersih(s), the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections. which witnessed over hundred thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life, assembling to vent our frustrations on the dirty government. I felt proud of my father, for what he's been doing all along.

I finally understood.

I admire and respect his spirit of never missing out in doing good and never give in to bad deeds.

If everyone refused to be brave and take part in such huge protest campaigns for a better and cleaner Malaysia, the consequences would be disastrous.

And so there it went, last year 2012, I got involved in my very first Bersih!

There were a massive amount of people who took part in this righteous coalition.

During the time, I didn't even felt a sense of fear, because I knew, I was not alone.

Each and everywhere was flooded with large assembly of crowds. Everyone gathered in KL in unity with the same dream. It was phenomenal.

Together, we shouted, we supported one another, we worked together.

There were a lot of frens that I've met there of the same age, from the same school. We were all in high spirits.

Ever since then, I felt like half an adult. I realised I ought to know more about political issues.

At least, we have to know what's happening in the country

Because we are all growing up on this piece of land, we are living on wonderful piece of land.

On the other hand, I hadn't the chance to take part in the KL112. The Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, the People's Uprising Rally.

I was immensely depressed.

I told myself that for any of the assemblies, protests, rallies in the future, if I have to opportunity to participate, I must do so.

Only with that I will never feel regretful for my entire life.

It was really the way i felt.

In school, on the internet and etc, I have plenty of friends who are active and hot-blooded

We all talked and exchange our views on political issues, it was really heated and was the talk of every citizen in Malaysia.

今年,写马来文作文时,时常会用到:Persis kata-kata al-Ghazali iaitu " Jika ingin mengetahui masa depan negara, lihatlah remaja sekarang".
This year, due to the SPM exams, I've been doing lots of Malay essay assignments. It was often that i used the phrase : Persis kata-kata al-Ghazali iaitu " Jika ingin mengetahui masa depan negara, lihatlah remaja sekarang". which means, '' To know and foresee the future of our country, just look at our young generation of the future.''

It is definitely true, witnessing the uprising and involvement of friends from all over and young teenagers on the web, getting deep down with political topics and discussions, everyone is so attentive just because we all know we have to CHANGE, UBAH(malay) for a cleaner paradigm and a better future. Witnessing all that made me felt positive and optimistic to our country's bright future.

In view of the current situation, the fact that more and more people are regconizing and noticing things happening in the country is really good.

上个星期二,出席了在Stadium Hockey的政治演讲。我第一次出席政治演讲。
Last Tuesday, I took part in a political talk (ceramah) held at the Stadium Hockey in Petaling Jaya.

待会儿会到 Lembah Pantai,Bangsar那儿帮忙Nurul Izzah Anwar拉票。
The day before, Saturday, one day before the General Election 2013, after my driving practice session early in the morning, I had lunch outside with dad. He told me that he will be going to Lembah Pantai, Bangsar, campaigning for Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, Leader of Opposition in Malaysia and also the leader of Pakatan Rakyat.

I undoubtedly tagged along.

When we reached Bangsar, an uncle of acquaintance handed me a handful of leaflets, at the time, I was really doubting whether I have the braveness to give out the leaflets to passers by and drivers around. It was my first time doing it.

I hesitated.

I was sort of reserved, given that it was the first time, I was a little tensed.

后来我旁边的aunty已经把手上“voting for our future”的传单拿得高高了,我也跟着做。
It was then I saw a woman holding the leaflets with the title ''VOTING FOR OUR FUTURE'' high up in the air, giving them out to pedestrians and vehicle drivers without hesitation.

Actually there was nothing to be afraid of, there wasn't a single person I knew.

Moreover, we were possibly just meeting each other for once, in my lifetime.

So, I decided and braved myself to do it.

Everything was doing great, a lot of people gave us thumbs up to support what we're doing

As time went by, there were so many thumbs up given by people that we don't know all around, I realised, I've made the right choice.

The more I gave out the leaflets the more I felt satisfied, after giving out the handful of leaflets, I took more and continued doing so.

There was a kind-hearted lady who bought us drinks to appreciate what we're doing. Thank you!!

There were also lots of supporting donations, Thank you to all of you!!!

Of course, we also had boos and thumbs down by some, but there was nothing we could do, we just hold on to forgiving and ignoring them.

But, there was one that we couldn't forgive. One lady pointed us a middle finger for what we're doing. What she did show that she was really uneducated and disrespectful to others.

Dad was angered and wanted to confront and scold her, but we stopped him from doing so.

I can accept those who gave us thumbs down, but not for the one who pointed us a middle finger. She is really a bastard right?

Anyway, forget bout it.

Through all of this, I've learned a lot that couldn't be found on textbooks in school.

Although final exams are coming, using time to study for doing things that are meaningful is worth all of it.

These experience are precious.

while canvassing, three big races help one another, though we don't know each other, we supported each other.

When I felt a lil tired standing, a kind friend asked : '' do you need some rest?''

I was really touched, after hearing it, I was even more passionate and enthusiastic to continue giving out the leaflets

派传单当儿我遇到了两位朋友。其中一位是很久没见的小学朋友,Ernest Lee!
When I was giving out the leaflets, I met two of my frens. One of them was a friend that iIve not met for a very long time already, Ernest Lee!

听说Nurul Izzah,过后会来,听到时,我超开心的!
When I heard that Nurul Izzah will be arriving in the latter part, my excitement ignited

She is my idol.

At about 6.30 in the evening, Dad and I had to go and so we headed home. I didn't have the chance to meet her.
到了晚上9时分到了Stadium Kelana Jaya, 出席了大选前最后一场演说。
At night, 9pm, We attended the last talk at Stadium Kelana Jaya before the General Election 

Stadium Kelana Jaya,小学举办运动会都是在这里的。今年,我在中学第二次运动
The stadium was where everytime the Sports Day of my primary school was held at. This year, my secondary school is going to organise our school's Sports Day in Stadium Kelana Jaya too. This stadium comprises a lot of memorable moments and times for me. 

到场的议员的演讲深深打动了在场每一位出席者的心。他们连续几场演说了,喉咙都沙声了也要带领我们不断地喊口号 Ini Kali Lah! Ubah!
Ihe political leaders who gave their strong speeches respectively deeply motivated everyone present. They consequently held loads of speeches, talks and press conferences all along, their voice were hoarsed and spoiled, but they were still determined and led all of us shouting out our slogans : Ini Kali Lah! Ubah!

Pemimpin yang berkaliber, berkarisma dan berwibawa,就是他们了。
They are, the leaders that are well-calibered, charismatic and competent. ever since i've been chosen to take place as the vice president of the Red House in my school, I recognise the importance of giving a good speech.

A leader who knows how to speak, what to speak about, controlling their voice tonality, volume and content and the choice of words is of utmost crucial.

People will be attracted and motivated by a leader that is competent, charismatic and who is a good speaker.

That day, massive crowds flooded in Stadium Kelana Jaya
我的刺青。自己“刺”的。My Tattoo
The big DAP flag is really heavy.
I was pleasured to meet one of the leaders outside the stadium, honoured to have a picture with her, the one at the left is my little brother.
跟不到Tony Pua拍照不用紧,拍他的车。
Although I didnt manage to take a pic with Tony Pua.  but at least I got a pic of his car!

Yesterday was Malaysia's 13th General Election

Early in the morning at 7am, after having my driving practice session, the uncle who teaches me driving told me : '' I'm going to go Ubah now!'' 
Dad went to vote, waited for 2 long hours for his turn.

Moving on, mom voted in the afternoon.

Then, we went out to help those in place to stop phantom and ghost voters. It was a really heated issue that for this time's election, immigrants were easily given Malaysian identities by the government to vote for them. Shame.

The voting ended at 5pm, everyone got home and waited for the results. 

When we waited and waited for the results, sticking with news updates on the phone, watching news on TV simultaneously, my heart was pounding and almost beating out.

In the start, the much despised Government was leading, I tried my best to stay calm.
After a few hours, something's wrong, I was a little worried, kept spamming on twitter for the result to be announced as soon as possible.

Towards the end, we were in fiery and we were all dissatisfied.

Too dirty, way too dirty.

Escorting in illegal immigrants and giving them fake identity to vote for the current despised government, electric-cut, ''magic show'', recalculation of the voting tickets......these were all de facto proofs of our dirty government's way to win election.

I couldn't take it anymore.

国家史上最肮脏、最黑暗的选举。利用tipu muslihat, 就如我们sejarah课本所写的。
Our country's dirtiest, darkest election of the entire history.

I believe every well informed Malaysians felt the same way.

那些为这一切付出的领袖是非常努力的, 他们非常伟大。
The leaders who gave their sweat and blood, hard work and efforts for a cleaner and better future for Malaysia were great people that should be respected with honour.

For this time's General Election, they planned prepared for years and all the discussions and serious loads of hard work, uncountable meetings and funds they have arranged, all their sweats and bloods, time sacrificed, non-stop touring Malaysia to give speeches, talks and conferences.

All they wanted was just to bring good change and improvement for the country, all they wanted was to bring hope and lead us to a bright future.

The people, no matter young or elderly, of all ages, have awaken through this election.

We all traced the news, differentiated between truth and false. those who are legal to vote , eventhough handicapped or almost unable to walk, gave their best and went to voting stations to cast their votes. 

Even those who are living or studying overseas, local celebrities etc drove all the way and took airplanes back to Malaysia. What were they looking for? All they wanted was to fulfill their responsibility as a Malaysian, for a better Malaysia. To stop those bastards from cheating.

We have all proven ourselves loyal and responsible as a Malaysia citizen.

All we wanted was a clean and fair election. Is that too much to ask for?

Actually, citizens are clear that which party should be our new leader of the country. We all know it is time for the dirty government to step down. But to our dismay, they won, out of dirty, illegal dark cheatings.

Even though they continue to govern the country, but the citizens are no longer standing with them.

哭了。还是要逞强。Don't lose hope.
We cried in dissapointment, but we have to be strong. Never lose hope.

What's bright is that Malaysians have finally up awaken  through this election.
We love Malaysia.

把所有的profile picture换去黑色吧!
Let's all change our profile pictures to black!

Let us all wear black today to in Malaysia!

Anwar Ibrahim held a press conference. He pointed out that he will never admit that he has lost in this election

He said that proofs of illegal actions and dirty cheats being involved in this time's election was found and collected. He ask for the election committee to reply show responsibility regarding this issue. If anyone has any videos of proofs, please do share it out.

Hope is still in the air. KEEP CALM AND BE STRONG EVERYONE. Anwar, Pakatan Rakyat, Opposition, Malaysia, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

PS: I apologize for typing such a long article, I did it over midnight after yesterday's election results announcement.
Thong Jean


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