Friday, May 3, 2013

Jogathon Warisan 义山行

I told myself that I must blog today, I must. 
So yea! Here's a new post :) Well, I participated in Jogathon Warisan last Sunday morning with Vichy, An Shi, Cheirly, Jeff and of course many more schoolmates. It was my third time joining this always-memorable event! There were a lot of friends who broke promise and didn't make it with us, as all we know, we call that "ffk" ( 放飞机). I kinda feel disappointed somehow but oh well, you guys just missed a golden opportunity to experience running around graveyard with the crowds as a sign of remembering our ancestors! Some are because of parents who are so patang. I kept convincing them that I've been joining this event three times and yet I have not met any strange problems or encounters. Anyhow, really hope that you guys can join us next year.

Woke up really early that day. This is because the organizer said there would be a road block which will cause quite a traffic so that the event could go on smoothly. The road block started at 6:30am, which mean I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, there is a distance from my house to the venue, Thean Hou Temple (天后宫). My eyes were seriously very swollen that day. 
This time's routine was much tougher than last time especially when were were about to reach the finishing line. There was a slope before it, you can barely run, especially during the last lap. Most of the people just walked up there. I had an urge to crawl up instead of struggling to walk to the finish line, I'm serious. You'd be rewarded with a key chain if you are one of the 1000th runners who reach the finish line first. Take note, that there were over 6500 participants this year.
Vichy and I were so gaga over these two cuties. They were 义义and山山。I guess the girl is 义义meanwhile the guy is 山山.
Close up of me.
Guess what, our An Shi won the 5th place of the group of secondary school girl. You have no idea how difficult it is to win this competition of over 6500 thousands joining! So let's give her a round applause! Congratulations to her!
The evil Vichy might write this caption on this photo: The main point/character is not Tang An Shi, should be the 义义 beside her. 
Aren't they cute? :)))

Then, we wanted to take picture with 义义and山山. A group of photographers were so kind to help us take picture, thank you all! But the weird thing is, we didn't know which way we should look at.
They even asked us to do the jump. haha so hyper! Love this picture so much! 

Wondering why I've been lacking of updates these days? 'Cause mid term is just round the corner. We just had our Chinese essay and BM karangan exams yesterday as well as today ( our essays tests are one week before the midterm, yes we do it seperately). Since tomorrow is a holiday, I guess I should take some rest and blog on today. I can still study on tomorrow right? I can also get to study on Sunday and Monday! Monday is a holiday for our school and many other as well due to the government election on Sunday.

It's been really busy, I'm really worried about my mid term this year. I had Wilayah Volleyball match few days ago which I had to missed some of the classes. After the volleyball match, I had to catch up EVERYTHING teachers had taught. I felt so pressure during the weeks and thank you all for those who encouraging me on twitter. I am motivated by you guys :) Don't worry, everything on the track right now!

I will be focusing on midterm so I might not be updating until my exam is over. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a post of my newly bought Ray-Ban sunglasses tomorrow? We'll see how. 

Election is coming! I've been posting a lot of stuffs about politics and elections on my facebook page and twitter! The situation is getting tense and fiery as the day to election is swiftly approaching. This election is playing a very vital role to the key of better future for our country. Hence, every citizens who are above 21 years old has the responsible to vote. Don't lose your rights to vote. Every vote counts. 

Here I would like to share an article I've found it on the facebook page of 我们全力支持民行 We Fully Support PKR<DAP> : 



我想说的是,这一次我来马来西亚我还是很感动的。很感动什么?就是… 我们大部分都相信这个世界上面是有是非对错的。我们都相信是有真理,我们都相信公正必须得到伸张的。但是,大部分时候,这个世界的现实黑白不是那么的分明,是非如此混淆。通常是灰色的。

我自己从来不敢说什么大是大非什么这种话,我觉得这种话不能随便讲。但是,在这次选举里面,在马来西亚走到今天这个地步过程里面,我的确看到一些是非对错,真理与公义的问题,是那么的清晰,那么简单,就呈现在眼前,也根本不用去问。我举一个简单的例子:大概四年前的时候,我在吉隆坡,一个非常著名的时事评论人杨白杨先生的家里面,我们一起看电视因为我们知道那一天 KLCC 那边会有示威。然后我们看了好几个电视台都看不到这个示威游行的场面。直到看到 CNN 终于看到了。就在双子塔下面,警方用水炮撞开所有在前面示威群众。然后 CNN 的记者拿着的一个镜头被水炮冲走了。那个镜头对着他,他说:This is democracy in Malaysia style.




我知道有一些华人家庭,他们家庭过去从来都不会有政治。他们觉得那个我们不要管,政治很肮脏、政治很残酷我们不要管。然后开始一家人吃完饭之后各自上 facebook 论政。





5th of May, UBAH! 

Thong Jean


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