Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sun Glow

How are all the Malaysians doing after escaping from the haze in our country? Glad that the haze's over, finally. Hope we won't get that back again next year but it's kind of impossible.

Well, my school celebrated Teacher's Day yesterday and I took loads of photos at school! It was such a great memory with my class. It's probably my last year in high school so I enjoyed myself to the fullest thus I wouldn't regret anything before leaving high school. 

School ended early yesterday so Loong and me decided to catch a movie -- World War Z. I must say that it's brilliant. It was my first Brad Pitt movie actually. Now I totally understand why Angeline Jolie loves him so much. He's such a good actor. I stayed high-focused through every bit of this movie. What can I say? It's a must-watch and you won't regret after watching it!

photos by Yuen Loong
( Topshop sweater and bracelets, Zara skort, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, Agape Boutique sneaker wedges)

I bought my very first Zara on that day. Yes, my first Zara, woohoo. I have been eyeing this skort for so long after seeing so many foreign fashion bloggers wearing it! I visited Zara yesterday, saw this piece and tried it on. This skort is love. I never been so into a skort before. I'm so so so in love with this skort till I wore it immediately and had a photoshoot. Although it's quite pricey to me, I'm sure I'll wear it frequently in the future. I simply can't resist this skort, I'm actually wearing it now while blogging this post! I need the white version of this skort too. Planning to buy it next week. Saving money! 

Also, this pair of sneaker wedges which I got from Agape Boutique is every lady's essential. This is because they make you look young, 'cause sneakers always give a youthful feel. They are hidden heels inside actually so sneaker wedges can make you look tall too! Other than that, they are really comfortable! I think every lady should own a pair of sneaker wedges in their closet 'cause they are an utter masterpiece.

Thong Jean


floojo. said...

Love the skort and the sneaker wedges :)

Unknown said...

Hey Thong Jean! Just wanted to say you have an amazing blog! You're so so talented at young age, I'm serious. You have nice outfits, nice photos, every single element needed for a perfect blog is there. Continue whatever you're doing young girl, I'm sure you'll soon be such an inspiration to everyone out there! :) Malaysia needs more of young talented and fashionable bloggers, and I'm confident that you're one. I'm a fashion lover too, but I couldn't remember what I was doing when I was at the age of 17, just plain fooling around and get done with SPM and thats it. Haha, anyway, really admire your talent and courage! Keep it up! You'll be really successful in your own path one day. Cheers!

Sincerely, Joo yi.

The Chie said...

Nice outfit. Love that sneaker!!

Btw, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please click the link below for more information.

Thong Jean said...

I just want to say thank you so much Jooyi! I'm so touched reading your comment. That's very sweet, really appreciate your recognition and heartfelt words :) Thanks so much for the comment! It's indeed tough juggling studies and blogging especially in the SPM year. I'll hang tough keeping up the good posts and I believe my perseverance will attain a good outcome one day! Once again, thank you so much :)
Cheers! :)

Thong Jean

Thong Jean said...

Thank you dear! :)

Thong Jean said...

Thank youuu so much for nominating me :)

The Chie said...

Welcome =)

Nathalie said...

I love the shots where you're just looking into the camera. You should totally try out for Asia's Next Top Model next time, Jean!

Thong Jean said...

hahaha thanks Nat! Hmmmm I've thought about that too but still don't have the guts yet. Plus, I think I should focus on my study right now. Maybe will participate it once I graduate from uni? Hope that's not too late!

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